Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 25, 2013

First things first, I have never been so exhausted in my entire mission. The first reason, because our area is 100% favela which means its 100% hills and not like baby hills but like the kind of a hill that you almost need to crawl up so needless to say going up and down those beasts all day is REALLY taking a toll on my knees.  We had interviews with the Pres this week and well I’ll bring that up and I’m pretty sure next transfer I’ll get transferred because if I stay here for longer than one transfer pretty sure my knees would die. But oh yeah just to clarify where I am I’m in Santo AndrĂ© which is a city right next to Sao Bernardo so I’m super close to my old area and my comp is Elder _____ who is actually from the same city of Elder ______ if you remember him and there is another person in our zone who is from the same ward as my comp so needless to say I’ll for sure by visiting them after the mission especially because its beyond gorgeous there! But about the zone, we have eight companionships to take care of, a little bit more stressful that just two other areas to take care of being DL but well I am loving it so far! I have never learned so much in a week and my comp is a freaking BOSS, I really like him! He has a hilarious accent and it makes me miss Elder _____ but well about the zone, one thing that I’m for sure not used to, we have six Sisters in our zone.  I really like everyone here, there are only two other Americans out of the 18 people in our zone and one of them is a brand new sister that just got here but well besides being a little more stressful, I am really liking being ZL! We’ve already did two divisions this week and I had to give an English class for three hours in another area but well I’ll do anything for this zone because that why I’m here, to just do what I can to help. About the area and the ward, I REALLY love the investigators and members here! We found some ELECTS of the Lord this week and should have three baptisms this next week that are all super pumped and we are teaching a couple that they reactivated the wife and the husband is a member but pretty sure he is gonna be a Stake Pres one day because he is amazing! It already seems like he’s been a member for years and we have a member that helps up pick up investigators to come to church because he has a van so we go around and wake everyone up and they meet at the bottom of one of the monstrous hills so we can all go to church! But well I know that this is the church of Christ, this church is perfect and if we take advantage of all that this Church gives us, we can too one day be perfect. I know that God knows and loves us and this is His work and there is no other thing on the face of this earth that is so important. I love you all and keep the letters coming and if possible tell people that they can now write me emails.  I can’t wait to get the package and to see everyone again when Mothers Day comes around!
With all my love...
Your son and brother,

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