Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

This week we spent like a solid two days trying to get a wedding for a couple that we are teaching marked, the wife is a member that we’re activated and the hubby is gonna be a Stake Pres when he gets baptized because he is a BOSS but well we kind of had a nice little slap in the face this week seeing as we paying some major cash to get both of their birth certificates here in Sao Paulo and it has taken over a month and now that we got that all figured out, we go to mark their wedding and well... turns out the guy got legally separated but not divorced....ouch. So that is gonna take another three months and 1000 reais to get him divorced so needless today we were a tad bit devastated.  But well the Lord is really blessing us in this area and well we have been teaching _____ family a ton lately seeing as we baptized _____ and then her sister _____ this last week...WOOOOOO :) and the Mom, knows the church is true and has for quite some time but isn’t married and her hubby wanted NOTHING to do with marriage so she never got baptized but well that night we went to their house and out of nowhere the Dad of the family looks at his wife and just says "let’s get married" and we all thought it was a joke because we had already tried talking about that with him and he really wanted nothing to do with marriage but well _____ almost starts crying and turns out he was serious and we went to get her birth certificate in Sao Bernardo this morning, his is coming from another state and so were gonna get them married in a couple weeks and then _____ is gonna get baptized and I know that the hubby will go to because he loves us now!  When everyone thought I was gonna leave last transfer he bought some cologne for me so soon enough he will be in the water too.  Hard things will ALWAYS happen in life because that’s why we’re here, to be tested, but if we do our part and push forward through the trails, that’s when the Lord can and will bless us. But like I said we had _____ baptism and it seems like something always goes wrong on baptism day,  the font turned off so we were filling up buckets of water back and forth from the bathroom to the font haha but it all worked out! Oh and we had Jedi counsel yesterday (ZL Counsel) and it was KILLER good!!! I always love that meeting because we get to decide what we are gonna implement in the mish and the training were on miracles and the importance of our callings and it was just wonderful but well I love you all!!!! Keep the emails coming! :) say your prayers, read your scrips, and don’t forget about me!


PS: everyone looks TOTALLY different then when from I left.... stop growing!

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