Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 2, 2013


So I love you all!  This week’s email may be super short because I’m already out of time! Even with the extra time, more people to respond to keeps things complicated! But a few highlights of the week, we had interviews with the Pres, a mini-counsel with the Assistants and the full ZL counsel (or Jedi counsel as it is better known) so this week was kind of insanely busy!  But its keeping me guessing but I like all these meetings we have are amazing! We had the ZL counsel yesterday so today is p day for us and well it was SUPER spiritual!  I loved it and we planned a SICK training for the zone that we are gonna give tomorrow, CONSECRATION BABY.  But we had two baptisms on Saturday of _____ and _____ a Mom and Daughter that we taught for only two weeks and they are 100% elects! We met them my first week in this area and well it was an amazing baptism! I baptized the girl and my comp the Mom! I’m trying to send some pictures but it’s not working, ugh I miss computers in the states!  But oh speaking of the states, I ate at subway this week and got my signature Italian with BBQ and chipotle sauce and it was AMAZING!  Of course it was more expensive, 8 reais for a six inch but it was exactly the same things as the states and I loved it!  But well sorry this is gonna be super short but I LOVE YOU ALL!  I’ll make sure next week is better.... but keep the letters and emails coming! We have been focusing on consecration and you all should get studying up about that because I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much. I love you all and I know that through the grace of Christ we can overcome everything and truly become perfect as He is. I’m so grateful for that immense sacrifice that He made so long ago. This is His church and I love being one of His servants.


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