Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Friday, June 1, 2012

May 28, 2012

- We had zone conference and it was pretty great! I really like the zone conference because we get to hear from Pres and Sister Tanner talk which is always exciting because the Spirit is always mega strong and the lunch we get is always extra delicious so I’m quite the fan of zone conferences.  The only bad thing is they take literally ALL DAY!  We get there at 830 and didn’t get home until like 6 so there went the day but it was definitely put to good use!  We practiced testifying about Joseph Smith and the first vision and its funny because we are always doing practices for that and always talking about it in lessons so you would thing that it would get a little old or you’d get "accustomed" to the Spirit or something like that but it really is amazing because the Spirit that I feel every time when I testify about that is amazing. You definitely need a testimony to serve a mission but wow you testimony gets two times stronger every day but you really have to think about what you know and how you really feel about things.  Just amazing!  The rest of the day was pretty exciting too!  Brazilians LOVE fireworks and well we had a random firework show in the middle of the road so that was pretty sick.

-So our house has been DISGUSTING for a while now and I couldn’t take it any longer so sadly I had to use my study time in the morning to clean the house.  Now our house is livable and luckily that same day the owner of our house cam and fixed the toilet, I have been using the toilet at the church but now we have dishes and a toilet that works...it’s glorious. 
- Also a recent convert’s sister is really progressing!  She said she wanted to be baptized on Sunday so we marked for the next week but flashing forward to Friday, the Bishop called us and said that her Dad doesn’t like that we were passing by so much and well we aren’t allowed to pass by there anymore and I’m pretty devastated because entire family except the Dad all wanted to be baptized but now I’ll probably leave this coming transfer and won’t get to baptize them but we don’t really know what to do because it’s a little tricky with their Dad.  All I know is that the Lord has a plan and it will all work out in the future.   
-Also we passed by another investigators home and gave her a blessing to help her stop smoking! The power was there and it went really well!  She started crying and we thought that would help but she is still smoking so... apparently the desire isn’t strong enough for her... she says she wants to be baptized but if she really did she would stop.  But we are still helping her in anyways that we can and the rest of her family too because we found out this week that her daughter wants to be baptized in a couple weeks too but I will probably be gone for that baptism too. 

- Marlon, the one with the mission call, went into the CTM!  The CTM feels like it was years ago but we stopped by and said our final goodbyes to him before he left!  I gave him my shock pen because I figured he could get some major use out of that in the CTM and a tie and I attached a pic of us before he left.  It’s funny because he never smiled in pictures but after he was set apart he is grinning like a champ, pretty cute.
- We totally spaced about English class that night but somehow luckily we passed by the church at 7:38 so we were only 8 minutes late.  That worked out oddly well and we also got some new investigators so it was a solid day.

- Friday was a pretty devastating day.  We found out that we can’t pass by our recent convert anymore because of his Dad and another recent convert stayed with us for most of the day, like from 3 until 9 and of course when we have a member with us NOTHING works out how you want it to.  We only had one lesson, I mean come on.   So that kind of stunk but he has been helping A TON lately!  I’m so proud of the kid because whenever we see him, he is always telling me about some new friend that he talked to about the church and how he wants to serve a mission and well I just love it because he has only been a member for what a little more than a month!  Can you say ELECT because I sure can.   

- Saturday we may have spaced a little about English class too.  I forgot to write it in my planner this week and if it isn’t written down you forget because I have always got so much stuff flying through my head at all times!  But a cool experience this week that I just remember but didn’t write down so I don’t remember when it was but I was reading something in Portuguese and this sounds weird but I couldn’t tell if it was English or Portuguese because I was thinking in Portuguese too so I thought I was reading in English and I know that doesn’t really makes sense but I loved it because I get a little stressed about not knowing the language as well as I want but we are getting there, slowly and surely. 
- We also had a split with a member from Vila Noquiera because apparently they baptized someone that lives in our area.  That was a little annoying because we didn’t haven’t had much success this transfer with baptisms but we he finally introduced us so that was great and hopefully we can get him going to our ward now!  Also we passed by the school to talk to one of his friends and I talked to an English teacher there who actually had decent English, I was impressed because no one knows English here but yeah I was talking about maybe an English class there because we would get a heck of a lot more people to show up and it would help a ton with finding new people but again it probably won’t happen until I’m gone so that stinks but I do kind of want to go away so I just can’t decide what I want.

- So Sunday right before church started the bishop asked me if I could give a talk.....did I almost puke,  yeah. I can barely give a talk in English so I was kind of freaking out to give one in Portuguese but he just said a quick five minute talk so I thought up a little something and well gave my talk, it wasn’t too great because I didn’t really think it out too well but I talked about the love that God and Christ have for us, shared a little story that I have and well I may have shed some tears too.  Oh and I may have taken 15 minutes, opps again!  Let’s hope one day I can actually get a little comfortable with talking in front of people because my hands were disgusting, dripping with sweat.  Gotta love being a freak.

And well that is it for the week! Its Monday right now and this morning went to jardim botânico, I don’t know how that translates botanic garden but it was pretty sweet!  And we will probably go take a nap after this but I attached some pics to the email of a plate of food so you can see how amazing the food is here and just so you know I usually pound through one and a half plates like the one I took a picture of.  I also included that poster that I made on there too because I think it’s hilarious so anyway enjoy, everyone be careful and stay off the wall, I love you all, love the emails and I’ll talk to ya next week! 

sue filho, irmâo, e melhor amigo,