Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letter from Jacobs Companion

Good Morning Misses Kristi Gubler, let me introduce myself, I´m Called Elder _____, I am from a hot place in Brazil, (Rio Grande do Norte state)... now i am serving with your son Elder Jacob Gubler I am in the end of my mission, we are going through a lot of things together such as spiritual experiences and funny as well hahahhahaha........ we are Zone leaders we care of 16 missionaries, Elder Gubler is doing great he has a great desire to share the gospel we had 2 baptisms already  he probably sent a picture of them.... this week we´ll have _____ and her sister´s baptisms we are so excited, that girl ______ had a might change of heart as the scriptures say, she had a Dream or in other words a enswer from heaven.....i wanna thank you for your son, for his sake many lives have been changed here in brazil, he speaks portuguese very well and now he is teaching me how  to speak english ,like see you later aligators hahah,  so i am sorry if you do not understand something that i write here rsrsrsrsrsr :this means HAHAHAH....
He speaks really good about you, that gave me the desire to know you all.....someday who knows?!?!?!?...
thanks for all.... i love you guys....
have a good week
PS:now the missionaries can write to other people beyonde their families alone!
so i hope you to have liked my letter..
Good BYE
once more I LOVEYOU ALL,

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