Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, November 19, 2012

October 22, 2012

It was a pretty solid week full of fantastic food which always leads to eating too much and then downing Pepto and full of some great lessons! Tuesday we had our zone meeting instead of District meeting and it was WAY good! I really LOVE the people that we have in our zone here but it was fantastic because we got some letters too and well even though my family is full or slackers that never write the beloved first born serving the Lord, Tara has always got my back but so I will try not to talk too much about food this week but our lunch on Tuesday was this lasagna that the Sister used crepe things instead of the spaghetti stuff to make the layers and it was the greatest ever! The pepto definitely came into play after that but then we hit up this free bus in our area called Fatima... yes the bus has a name but everything fell there.  We got some solid contacts in and marked a ton of stuff for this next week then Wednesday we had a service project in the morning where we helped set up this thing to make a wall at someone’s house.  I don’t really know how to explain it because construction here doesn’t really make sense then we had another killer lunch with the most amazing fruit salad I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! Brazilian fruit is just the greatest.  Then after lunch we had to go to the central to sign something so I won’t be put in jail.  Everyone keeps losing my paperwork.  We then hit up the favela part of our area and got tons of lessons in!  We got a few new people to teach and a couple of them seem pretty promising but no one came to church on Sunday.....boohoo! Then that night we taught an investigator the word of wisdom and chastity and that was a fun lesson.  She apparently had bought black tea earlier that day and wanted to try it because they drink it in England and she wants to be English but we just told her to pray about it to see if it really is a commandment...works like a charm.  Thursday we taught a few more new people, taught a lesson on the street and then went to another area to do a baptismal interview for a companionship in my district but well the kid was sick and had taken medicine and went to bed so needless to say that didn’t go down.  Friday we had interviews with the Pres which were great as usual.  I also got a package from the great Tara full of candy and well let’s just say that our ward and my district is loving it because everyone gets to try American candy.  I ate too much at lunch again, found some less actives knocking doors and then had our baptismal interviews that night so I went and did a division and slept in the ZLs (Zone Leaders) area. Our ZL had Reeses fast break and well that is my first request for Christmas.  I stated my list this week so I’ll get back to you so see what I really want!   Saturday had a ton of people in English class so that was sweet then we had lunch at some members from Chile that have live here for 30+ years and still can’t speak Portuguese but the cool thing was I could understand mostly everything.  I got lost in a few parts but hey I think one year of Spanish and I should be good to go when i get back.  Then we had THE most interesting lesson of my mission....teaching some drunk guy.  He kept on screaming at my comp then I would calm him down and he would scream at my comp again. He kept on asking "what is the seventh?" Man got to love the mission but I had him say the closing prayer and that was a HUGE mistake, we were on our knees for like 15 minutes while he was screaming I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.  Love it.  Then we had our meeting with or LMA ward mission leader, and he speaks English so he gave me this business outline so I’ve been proofreading that for him, fun stuff.  Sunday the time went ahead one hour so we lost an hour of sleep and it just about killed me! I gave a talk at church and it turned out pretty solid an then we had a meeting with the Mission President and with our Ward leadership.  It was in Guaruj√° but I did get to see my daddy Elder Petersen and Elder Hansen and Sister Brenchley from my CTM district.  That wraps up the week so keep the emails coming and LETTERS too! I love you all and I love this church.


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