Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, November 19, 2012

October 29, 2012


I hope it’s starting to get a little cold because well the weather here is absolutely INSANO! I feel like I’m in Utah again,   it’s usually decently cold in the morning then by noon its ABSURDLY hot until like 4:00 then its pours hot rain and gets decently cold again at night.  São Bernardo weather = Utah weather.

Tuesday was a pretty rough day.  It started out great with another district meeting and we had a mini Halloween party and my training turned out really sick but then after that everything was just kind off all day.  Lunch fell which has NEVER happened here, so we went to our "Moms" house and she made us spaghetti, then we knocked doors for three hours and no one let us in, and then our two appointments marked for that night we found out that our three baptisms marked for that Sunday ALL fell through.  I’m not sure what we are supposed to learn from this one but there has got to be something so essentially we are just going to hold strong because really these three are all WAY too close to baptism to "kick".  A few more fasts and prayers and we´ll see! The future is only as bright as your faith so hold strong Elder Gubler.  Wednesday we had one lesson with an evangelical lady which means she is from one of the crazy Brazilian churches and well she was really participating but a little too much because the lesson took 2 hours.  She kept on going off on all these stories OH GLORIA and well we have yet to teach her again but we´ll see with her.  Then we taught some less actives and recent converts and I was talking to this guy who served in the Nordeste mission and you apparently baptize ATÉ O PÓ there! I’m pretty sure that Belo Horizante has some pretty good baptism too so get Lauren pumped! How is that going with her by the way, and Oliver too?  You have got to keep me posted! Thursday we had lunch MEGA far away... it took and hour and fifteen to get there but the house was MASSIVE.  My companion said there are six floors but I only saw four, either way, nice and big for Brazil or the US for that matter.  And the lunch was definitely in the top 3 lunches of my mission so far. I LOVE BRASILIAN FOOD!  I really don’t know what I’m going to go without beans everyday when I get back.... I’m addicted.  Then we got lost trying to find our way to the main part of our area but finally found it and then we did a division with the ZL (zone leaders) because they needed me to do an interview from a kid in their area and well we ended up knocking doors in their area the whole day and got only three people to talk to us, two of which were solid street lessons.  Oh get this, it is definitely going down in HISTORY, we totally knocked a whore house....actually looked more like a brothel.  There was this guy sitting in front of the gate so we go talk to him and say we are missionaries and just says "cool you wanna come in" which was way too easy in my head so thank heavens I asked if this was his house and well he says no its where girls "present themselves to you" so we just look at each other and try not to laugh.  We got out of there nice and fast!  Só na missão......só na missão (only on a mission).  The kid that I was going to interview had their 4 month old puppy get kicked by their neighbor and broke his leg so everyone was crying and they were leaving when we got there so needless to say the baptismal interview didn’t go down and that was definitely the newest way I’ve seen Satan interrupt a baptism…the little turd.  Friday we had lunch at the house of a Brazilian but said she lived in Utah for a bit and went to pleasant grove and knew some Pinegars so start asking around who knows her!  She is like around 32 and was there in 1998.  It’s an insanely small world I tell ya!  Oh and get this, since she has been to the states she had peanut butter and made peanut butter brownies for us and OH MY LANTIS....I almost died….sooooooooooo good.   Mom they weren’t half as good as yours but man did it hit the spot even if I was absurdly full. We even got to take some home and I’ve still got two waiting for me in the fridge.  Then it was also the day that I finished a Rubix cube for the first time, woohoo!  It took me a week to get it down but I finally got it.  Then that night, there was a little mini party that a member had for us and well I don’t think I have ever eaten so much in my entire life in one day!  It’s funny because in every other area in the mission, everyone is struggling to find food but we are struggling to eat more food because we literally ate at three out of the five houses we went to, not counting lunch, I almost exploded, but we did it for all those suffering without food in the mission.  Saturday we had a mini activity at the church where some members showed to pass out pass along cards and we were on a roll! We cranked out 70 in one hour just us two!  Then at lunch we had quite a huge chat about free masons because there is a member who is probably going to join.  But it was essentially a day of nothing working out so we got two lessons in.  Then Sunday I found out that an investigator doesn’t even "want' to get baptized now.  We then taught a newlywed couple in English.  Well that is the week in a nut shell! I love you all! Get the letters coming and abração e beijinhos.


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