Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Mom you’ll like this one, last p-day for our FHE that night we ended up setting up a Christmas tree and I LOVED it!  There is nothing better than Christmas I tell you.  Tuesday we had our last zone meeting before the transfer so we all said our potential goodbyes and all that cute stuff but we found out about the transfers yesterday and get this.... only 2 people are leaving in our entire zone which is kind of really weird because there is one kid that has been in the zone for over a year now just in different wards.  Crazy stuff but the Pres knows what he is doing and I really like our zone so I’m nice and happy!  My companion is staying with me thank heavens because I don’t know our area at all.  We did TONS of divisions so if he would have left, we would have gone hungry because I know how to get to like 5 irmãs (Sisters) houses.  Good thing the Lord has got my back and let him stay huh?  But well speaking of division I did one in Batistini on Wednesday to do another baptismal interview of actually the same girl that I interviewed a couple weeks ago but everything worked out greatly, I LOVE baptismal interviews and she was baptized this Saturday which ended up being quite the thing because they baptized in our chapel because theirs doesn’t have a baptismal font but the girl suffered a chemical burn on her face and neck and she always wears these body glove things but since she had to take them off, she didn’t want very many people there but either way it was mega spiritual and we loved it!  Thursday was a huge holiday so we didn’t get to talk to like ANYONE but lunch we had a huge barbeque and Brazilian BBQ is 50X better than American ones plus they had BBQ sauce so that was pretty great! Friday my companion and I felt like studying some deeper doctrine for morning study and well the creation of the world and the atonement you can go pretty deep on but frankly this church is 150% true.  Literally everything makes sense in this church and I love it.  But for lunch we got money so we made some massive hamburgers which turned pretty great if I do say so myself and then another day of essentially everything we had marked falling, gotta love feriados.  Saturday was the baptism and Sunday we had our baptism which was a tad bit stressful but super great too!  Sunday was kind of a crazy day since lunch took forever as usual on Sundays but we cranked out a ton of contacts, had choir practice, filled up the baptismal font and set up the church and well it was ALL WORTH it to feel that amazing spirit and see the change that a baptism makes in people!  That wraps up the week, a week full of tests of faith to see if we really deserved that baptism and well NAILED IT.  I love you all, I love this church and I love this mission.  Have fun but not too much fun at Thanksgiving and always say your prayers, read your scriptures and write me letters.

amo vocês (love you)


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