Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 5, 2012

This week the weather was totally INSANO!  Wednesday was supposedly the hottest day of the year, I almost died, and on Tuesday it was insanely hot in the morning, then was POURING rain for an hour at like 2:00 and then got mega hot again after that which meant it was nice and humid and well I’m just glad I’m not in the Baixada because it’s probably 5x hotter down there!  On Tuesday, everything we had marked fell except for one lesson which was actually a pretty good lesson.  We had a few appointments marked with a member and of course those fell too so we ended up eating all of our pains away with esfihas (mini pizzas).   Wednesday was Halloween or dia das bruxas and that was weird not seeing little kids in costumes and stuff like that but for district meeting I had everyone wear their ugliest tie and on p-day I bought a mega ugly one for 2 reais.  Then I did a division with a companionship in my district and it was a pretty sick day! He has a way sweet ward and since it’s mostly favela, the people are more open too! I did a baptismal interview for them though, which was AMAZINGLY spiritual! The girl I interviewed started crying and it was just really intense and I love doing interviews and GET THIS, come to find out that the girl that I interviewed is cousins of a kid that I baptized in Diadema, can you say a small world!  I had them call him and I talked to him for a little bit which was great!  Then I got to talk to super "mole" investigator that they have that decided like 5 minutes before his baptism that he didn’t want to go through with it.  I gave him a nice little burn session and talked about the importance of baptism and the atonement and all this stuff and it really was mega cool because I have never felt that "guided" on the mission!  I don’t even really remember what I said but I knew exactly what to say and what scriptures to use at every moment during the lesson. I love the mission!  Thursday = everything falling too.......patience, patience, patience.  It’s was funny because we did a TON of contacts and I talked with this guy that I told I was American and he was signing stuff so that I could "understand" what he was saying.  I played along with it for a little bit but then I was just like "bro I can understand you just fine" and his friend and my companion just cracked up.  Gotta love being American! We did get one solid lesson in though with the couple that has had an inanely hard life and some church members have done some pretty messed up stuff towards them because she is a less active and he isn’t a member and well we essentially just kind of let them vent and said that the church is perfect but the people aren’t.  Friday I timed myself for the Rubix cube and found out I can pull it off in 3 minutes and 7 seconds!  Not bad for only knowing how to do it a week ago.  I’m getting there especially because my cube is AWFUL and always gets stuck so a real one would be nice.  Then FINALLY some stuff actually worked out!  We got some sweet new investigators and taught some street lessons and then an FHE that night! Saturday you’ll never guess but...our SUPER important appointments that couldn’t fall....FELL!   Gotta love it.   So we taught some less actives and had our meeting with our LMA and get this a teen I baptized in my first area called and said he would go to my church on Sunday so that was SICK!  Being able to see him again and he is going strong in the church so that rocks! He says the ward is getting kind of sketch and people are moving or falling away but well there is Inamar for you, favela baby!  Sunday really was a great day though, it was mega spiritual and had finally some investigators come to church and I bore my testimony and may have shed some tears because I talked about how the week was hard for us but I read section D&C 122 that morning and that always whips me into shape! I love that section more than anything!  Also we talked to an investigator after church and she now wants to be baptized but we still have to figure out what to do with her Mom not letting her.  But we will have a baptism next week of another investigator that everyone thought was already baptized but turns out never was!  She is only 10 but she goes to church every week with her family so SÓ ÁGUA!  I love you all! Get these letters coming! Um abração e beijinhos!


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