Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 12, 2012

This week was a little rough because I felt like I was going to die for a good part of the week which started on Tuesday. We had district meeting and I taught a lesson on diligence which turned our decent and then I did a division with one of my districts.  I went to their area and my companion stayed in our area.  We didn’t get a lot done in terms of lots of lessons and stuff but the lessons we did get in were all mega powerful and important because get this they have this kid who is 17 in their area who wants to be baptized but his MEGA catholic mom hates the church and was "never" going to let him get baptized so I of course wanted to meet her which my split was a little nervous about because she had apparently screamed at them and all this stuff but so we go there and she lives in an apartment so we have phone to her room and I just say we are "representatives of Christ and we wanted to see how she was" so that got us through the first stuff, then the door approach she burned the church a little but we calmed her down and ended up getting in the house which had never been done before and well we are just chatting up a storm, showing pictures of my beautiful family and we really actually got a little trust and friendship going! We didn’t talk much about our church but we talked about God and left a little bible scripture and it really was quite the miracle I tell you!  That made up for getting mega sick that night because it was just great so let’s hope that they can use that in and get her to let her son be baptized.  On Wednesday we ended the division, and after not sleeping ALL night and almost puking I was EXHAUSTED but we had an appointment before lunch so we walk forever long to get to our house, drop the stuff off and then back out to save some souls!  We ended up cranking out two really great lessons before lunch but lunch just about killed me because I wasn’t even hungry but the Sister threw some serious food on my plate that was all deep fried so that destroyed any bit of life that I had so after that we went home so I could take a nap but then after a two hour nap we had a ton to do that night so back to saving souls and despite the fact that my body felt broken, congestion headache, sore throat, etc (been quite some time since I’ve felt that bad) it was extremely cool because I felt really guided and inspired in all that we taught so that was my blessing for pushing myself to go work and it was definitely worth it!  That night I made some natural marucujá juice (passion fruit) because it helps relax you and attempted to sleep but didn’t really sleep again so I woke up on Thursday a little better and off some meds we went to Santo André because we had our zone conference which was amazing as usual I always love those things because we got a training from the assistants and from the Pres and Sister Tanner! MEGA spiritual and I got some letters and materials but then left my little taking note book there...oops! We left at 7:00 in the morning and finally got home at 3:00 so then that night we only connected with two lessons but they were both great also!  We taught our investigator who was supposed to be baptized this week but will be next week because her mom had to go out of town and all this stuff and then we taught another investigator.  I always teach her in English which is EXTREMELY nice and a ton EASIER but I always ended up falling back on Portuguese because its weird teaching in English but I was teaching about the Book of Mormon because she LOVES the bible but doesn’t read the BoM that much so I gave her alittle run down of the beginning and let’s just say she did not like the fact that Nephi cut off Labans head at all so I explained about David and Goliath and how it was essentially the same thing and that helped calm her down we got her believing so don’t worry.  Then on Friday my cough got a little more bronchitis-y so I was coughing up crap all day but this Sister gave me this pineapple and honey mixture that helped get the stuff out! Later that day we taught our investigator and this time we kept the lesson to an hour so we kept her more under control.  I said that if she came to our church, we would go to hers and she came on Sunday so we’ll see how that turns our because I’m sure there will be people falling and casting out demons and plenty of "tithing", so that should be fun.  Then we had an activity for the seminary that night and the Elders from Batistini (part of our district) came because they brought some of their investigators too and well we got pizza and it was a pretty good little fireside!  Onto Saturday, English class had a pretty great turn out of like nine people but everyone was participating and actually attempting to speak so that was great.  Then we had lunch and cranked out some sick lessons after that.  We taught a members grandson who is eight and wants to be baptized and even thought it doesn’t "count" for us, they want us to teach him then we got some new investigators and taught some less actives and the that night we had our meeting with our ward mission leader (LMA) and had a buffet dinner of french fries that was pretty dang good.  I told the irmã that I was craving french fries last week and well she really wanted us to quench that craving.  I even tried to make fry sauce but it’s not the same thing because the mayo and ketchup are both pretty different here but it turned out pretty solid!  Then onto Sunday, quite the day I tell you!  First off that morning I was calling everyone as usual to get people to come to church I called one of our investigators and she says that he mom officially is not going to let her go to church or to seminary.  Then flashing forward to church, in our gospel principles class where it is just new members and our investigators we were talking about the spirit world and life after death and the LMA just started arguing about doctrine in front of our investigator and well that wasn’t a KILLER GOOD first impression of the church.  But after church, lunch took FOREVER so we told some jokes, played some chess and a princess matching game haha then that night we visited some less actives that didn’t come to church and gave a blessing to someone that I’m pretty sure was possessed....but thank heavens didn’t have a break down while we were giving her the blessing. Dad did you see any of that crazy stuff on your mission because I have heard some beyond sketchy stuff that happens on peoples missions! Then we had our weekly FHE was pretty great as usual and well that wraps up the week!  It was  a pretty hard week because we worked our BUTTS off this week and only had one person come to church and I was as sick as a dog but SÓ VAI!!! :) I love you all, I love this mission, it’s crazy to think that I almost have a year and in a little over a month I’ll be talking to you all again for Christmas!  Get those letters coming everyone! can’t wait for the packages to get here and PEACE FAM!


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