Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, December 23, 2012

November 26, 2012

Last week for P-day we played basketball for four hours in insane Brazilian sun and well I didn’t really think that one through too well and I got FRIED!  It was MEGA hot the whole week besides today and yesterday, getting burnt on top of a burn is always fun but this week was full of TONS of contacts, knocking doors and finding new people to teach. Essentially all of our people from last transfer stopped progressing and one of them actually got baptized in some other church, didn’t see that one coming! But it’s a new transfer so we did a little cleanup of the people that we are teaching and were gonna find us some elects baby!  We found some sick people and hopefully in a couple week well have a little água.

We had our first district meeting for this transfer but we only had two people leave the zone so not much changed! Also on Wednesday we had a nice bible bash with some Jehovah’s Witness guy saying how anyone who supports politics will be "destroyed" (i.e. Mitt Romney and apparently our whole church) but I got him pretty good because everyone here has to vote because its required so if our church is gonna be destroyed so is all of Brazil buddy boy.  Wednesday was a day full of contacts and contacts and contacts and well we even went back and visited investigators for the first time in like two weeks and well they still don’t want to give up coffee so if you want to let some gross drink mess with your salvation so be it but were doing our part!

Thursday it was a day of everything falling but I made sure to stay nice and happy and grateful because hey the harder the mish is the more blessing I’ll be getting right?  We went with some members to a little pizza place and well there was my thanksgiving feast, not bad at all if you ask me!

Friday was quite the day because GET THIS, we went to go teach our gospel lady and when we got there she said she was already feeling something different so we got excited and used that for our advantage of course but she said how she thought it was "the angel Moroni" at her door, (her exact words!!!!) ANGEL MORONI.... so I’m like what the heck, that definitely JUST our church that has an angel Moroni so I ask her where she has heard that name and she goes off to tell us how she had a dream when she was 11 and she was in some "fancy church" where everything was "white and expensive" and there were people "being baptized" so I freak out and we show her a pic of the temple and then on Sunday at church I found a pic of the baptismal font and the celestial room at the temple and she said that was where she was so that is kind of super insanely cool especially because she really likes our church but she LOVES her church and she still thinks her "baptism of the spirit" was valid but don’t worry here in a little bit she being getting baptized and then even going through the temple to see the font for herself.  That night we went to a college and sang Christmas hymns and did some contacts then Saturday, normal super busy day! English class had some solid people, lunch was great, got some lessons in, tons of contacts and had the ward talent show that night and well like no one was doing anything and they had the music of Coldplay so they made me sing that I sang that Shrek hallelujah song with a kid in the ward. 

Sunday was pretty great too even though we left super early to get everyone to come to church and no one came but hold strong and it will all work out.  Another highlight of Sunday we had our usual English lesson with a couple in the ward and we had an American food party after that was killer good! Hamburgers, french fries, and KILLER good chocolate and banana crepes! I know you already sent me my Christmas package, but if you send me another one anytime soon, I’ve had some requests of syrup so send some of that if possible! Well that wraps up the week! I love you all! Get the letters coming, say your prayers and read your scrips!


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