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Jacob P. Gubler

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 8, 2012


Before I get onto my week and the General Conference run down, tomorrow is transfers but for some reason we won’t find out what will happen until 6:00 PM so if I get transferred it could be a fun night of saying bye to everyone and then packing until 3:00 and leaving at 5:00 AM.  I sincerely have been praying that I stay because we have some AMAZING families and people we are teaching right now that should be baptized in a couple weeks and the guy we baptized three weeks ago is already giving a talk this Sunday! Man, I love the mission but transfers are AWFUL!

I won’t talk to too much about my week because I want to have time to talk about General Conference but some big news for the week is that the President is "cleaning" the mission up so he has made some new pretty intense rules and is sending people home all over the place! As of now, if you break the rules, you’re out of here! A little nerve wrecking but I kind of like the idea because there are plenty of people who are slacking off quite a bit! Onto our amazing investigators, we are teaching three people over the age of 70.  One is the Dad of some members, one is the Mom of a less active and another is a contact on the street and well old people are just the greatest!  Investigator1 is an ELECT that has accepted and knows everything is true, we have just got to get here grand children to stay making her coffee and she is good to go!  Investigator2 I totally thought was a member because she is always way nice to us and always says Elders and all this stuff but apparently only one pair of missionaries has been able to teach her because she is kind of picky  but after three months of knowing her, she likes me so we took that and got some lessons in.  Investigator3 is adorable and likes the church but once we get him to realize the significance of the church, we are set!  Then our AMAZING family, well they are just the greatest! This week we stole their mega expensive coffee (very impressed they gave it to us because it was unopened and most people won’t even give us the cheap brands) and their cigerettes and once we get them all clean from coffee they all said that they know the church is true so they are definite elects!

After all that, I can’t hold back any longer, CONFERENCE!  I could talk for hours about the sessions! The Saturday sessions seemed to be focused a TON on parents and Saturday on conversion and discipleship but a few highlights that I loved:  ASK THE MISSIONARIES, THEY CAN HELP.  Elder Nelson, we definitely appreciated that one! "pollinate the world with the word of God" , "service is the very definition of pure religion" , "rejoice and be glad in it" , "with faith comes trials, which brings more faith" , "let your works make your faith perfect" ,  and last but not least "testimony is your greatest possession, don’t sell it for anything". All I’m going to say is that man is ALL of that 100% correct. I have seen one small simple testimony change lives of others FOREVER, use it! About service, I thought I was happy before the mission but you never really know what happiness is until you see other become happy through your help and your service. Faith really is the first step of EVERYTHING, without that, we have NOTHING. On Sunday, I loved the quotes "your future is only as bright as your faith", "the Lord is in the details of our life", "fear distracts from faith", conversion and discipleship is DOING and BECOMING.  Righteousness is a process, not one single action.  Essentially I LOVE the church, I know that we truly heard the voice of the Lord through His chosen people and well I love you all!  I’ve got to go but remember to soak up the things we learned, say your prayers, read your scriptures and keep on writing me! :) I love you all!


PS: we just found out that i am leaving Bertioga :(!! BOOOOOOOOOOO...... but no one knows where i will be going to....ugh I hate transfers! 

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