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Jacob P. Gubler

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 1, 2012

This last p-day my email was kind of tiny because we were in guarujá because we went to the "biggest aquarium in South America" which wasn’t very big at all just to get that out there but it ended up being mega sweet because we were there when they were feeding the sting rays and the sharks so needless to say I got some SWEET videos of a sting ray eating up some gross dead fish right in front of the glass. 

Tuesday:  We had to sleep in another companionships house that night because we didn’t have money to go back down to Bertioga and come up the next day for District meeting so needless to say I didn’t sleep at all.  Three couch cushions on the ground under the fan with a tiny little sheet didn’t work out too well! The next day the other American and I made some pancakes but we made then jabuticaba (a great Brazilian fruit) flavored and they turned out DELICIOUS!  I’m not really sure how we made then because he threw all the stuff in the blender and I just fried them but they turned out great and I decided I miss pancakes! Then we had District meeting and back down to Bertioga after!  I always like District meeting but having it be so far away from our area is a tad bit annoying because it always makes the whole day late and essentially everything fell on Tuesday but we did land one lesson with an older lady we are teaching and she is such a great person!  The spirit is always so strong in her house and she always reads what we tell her to and everything so in two weeks or so let’s hope her baptism works out and let’s hope that I’m still here because we marked it for the first Sunday after the transfer and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go away this transfer.  If I go away that will stink because we should have a solid four baptisms of AMAZING people this next month but well the Lord know what he wants so...SÓ VAI!  

Wednesday:  It was freeeeeezing, when we got up it was mega cold and pouring rain!  Actually it was pouring rain all morning but luckily it calmed down a TON by the time we left!  But rain in Bertioga is awful because we are so close to the beach; there is sand everywhere which turns in to MUD and lakes in the streets.  I rocked some shoes that a member gave me that are awful, he got four pairs for free from his work but I didn’t have to worry about wrecking my other shoes, the only bad part was that my feet were broken by the end of the day! I realized something on Wednesday that really the little things you do can make a HUGE difference in your day and in the day of others!  We were walking along doing our thing and some homeless guys came to talk to us and I assumed they were going to ask for money as usual but I decided that I was going to actually talk to them so I went into it with a smile and it changed everything. They didn’t even ask for money, they did ask for a bible and I didn’t want to give them mine because it’s all marked up so we said come to our church and well give you new ones but the thing that hit me was when I said sorry one of them said "oh don’t worry about it your smile and just talking to us helped enough".  It’s the small things that make big differences, ALWAYS SMILE.  We are so amazing blessed so show it!  That night we talked to family that I haven’t seen in a long time but we taught them again and then contacted a reference we got, it was a solid day. 

Thursday:  Not much went down but it was still a great day, lunch was late but then after we gave a blessing to a little boy that was in recession of cancer but it came back and the blessing was mega powerful!  After the blessing we both knew that he would be completely fine, the Priesthood is real.  We also gave a blessing of comfort to the Mom and ended up talking to them for quite a while because they are from close to where my companion is from and people from the south of Brazil love their other people from the sul.  After we attended a wedding which was pretty cool! They got "married" on paper that morning so it was just the cake and stuff that night but then after we hit up English class because the member gave the class for me because we had to go to the wedding.

Friday:  A pretty big day because I used one of my three shirts that has yet to be used yet because all my others were dirty but well I may have gotten it nice and dirty.  I have awful luck with keep clothes clean on the mission!  Then we taught an investigator again and she said she got her answer that the church is true but I don’t thing she really understands the significance of that yet so we are working with that right now and then that night, I got to speak English for an hour straight!  A week ago an English teacher stopped us on the street and asked if I could come by his school to talk to his students and let them ask me questions and stuff so that happened on Friday and there ended up only having two people but they spoke quite well. But I just essentially rambled on in English for an hour or so and I essentially ended up teaching all of the word of wisdom so that was sweet!

Saturday:  No one showed to English class during the morning, no one in the ward goes on Saturdays so it may end up just being on Thursdays.  Our money fell so we could buy food again and on an even better note we got a new family that we taught for the first time and the lesson was GREAT!  They accepted everything and all seem really interested and the Spirit was way strong!    They went to church this Sunday and they said after church they were all in shock because they liked it so much!   I love the mission!  Then we taught a Catholic family. 

Sunday:  We had some great investigators come to church, seven people baby!  Even the English teacher that I taught in his class came! I really hope I stay here this next transfer because things are really starting to pick up in Bertioga!  Well that essentially wraps up the week so I hope you all enjoyed!  Make sure to SOAK up general conference this week, say your prayers, read your scriptures and keep the emails and letters coming! I love you all so much and thanks for all of the support and just everything! 

com amor,


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