Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 24, 2012

So Tuesday was another day of trooping through Brazilian heat and having nothing work out, a day full of not a whole lot. I know that there is a reason for EVERYTHING in life especially on the mission because you’re doing the Lords work but days when not a single thing works out gets a little rough. Good thing you can always fall back on contacts, we didn’t have a meeting planned for our activity on Friday so that was apparently the only thing that was supposed to go down on Tuesday.  Days like that happen so I can learn.  Wednesday was an INSANELY hot day! It was 25 C at 7 in the morning and then got up to I think 37 and there wasn’t even sun... it was just like being in a heat box... awful. But we did a little better on Wednesday than Tuesday; we nailed at least one lesson.  Also the District meeting that we had was AMAZING! I just realized that my time is essentially up so a few other random things for the week, had some solid English classes, got some new investigators, we ate just french fries soda and ice cream one day for lunch, got to love getting money ;) Michael you will love the mish! we had an activity at the ward that turned out pretty great and then had a hilarious mimicking activity and 225+ esfiha which are just baby pizzas, I talked with a FLUENT English teacher that actually knew how to speak English and I’m going to go and teach a little mini lesson and let them ask me questions about being American I had a wooden plank made with my name and Missao Brazil Sao Paulo Sul and all this stuff and it was done on Saturday and it turned out SICK, and then on Sunday we had a confirmation and had a mega spiritual class on temple work, I gave ANOTHER talk (that makes my third one here in Bertioga) that turned out pretty dang good if I say so myself, service baby, and then that night we had a meeting in Santos with the President of the mission, our Bishop, his secretary and the Ward Mission Leader and it was MEGA spiritual too!  The beginning of the week was a little tough but it made up for everything just on Sunday alone! I love the mission.   We are in Vicente de Carvalho right now because we went to the biggest aquarium in South America today, pretty sweet but it wasn’t big at all.  I love you all and sorry for ending this so abruptly, I’m just working my little butt off it’s not my fault.  I’ll be better next week, love you all.

Um abração e beijinhos!


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