Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 20, 2012

Tuesday:  My whole left leg was itching like madness because it been eaten alive by crazy Brazilian bugs, it’s scabbed over right now.  We got some new investigators!  I’m nervous about one and the other is a referral from a member that my companion and I activated.  I’m still adjusting to teaching with my companion.  He is a REALLY good teacher but doesn’t really follow the lesson plans so I’m never sure what he wants me to talk about it when it’s my turn. I’m getting much better at listening to the spirit and just going off that.  I thought I had money to get home so I bought some coxinhas but soon after found out that he didn’t have money for the bus home. So we called our "mom" in the area and she sent someone to save us since it was 9:00 PM and it’s a two hour walk home along a mega sketchy highway.  But right before our ride showed up my companion found 3 reais that would have been enough to get us home...oops.

Wednesday:  Our money FINALLY went up! We used to get 170 for two weeks but now we get 200 so that should help A TON!  I think our Mission President felt bad seeing as we had NO food when they came to our house to do interviews and inspections.  We got some more new investigators that seem really promising.  Out of six new investigators we got for the week only one of them went to church, ugh.  We got a pizza, which fell on the floor but good thing I worked my butt off cleaning the floor so we blessed the thing and just went for it :) 

Thursday:  We had zone conference, it was pretty great!  I got to see my trainer and someone from my district in the CTM and a ton of other people that I haven’t seen in forever. We had a MEGA spiritual lesson on using the Book of Mormon and we watched Elder Hollands AMAZING talk on the Book of Mormon, it gets me every time.  We won a ribbon and 20 reais for having the cleanest house when the President came to visit and got a box of expensive cereal for my birthday! Can you say good day?  I tried some coconut water for the first time, turns out its pretty gross as refreshing as it looks. It doesn’t taste like coconut at all.  We had a solid lesson with an investigator so hopefully it will whip him into shape.

Friday:  Not much went down.  We had tons of appointments fall which means plenty of walking.
I talked to an American from LA, man I love speaking English more than ANYTHING! I miss you all too.  We had a couple lessons and got some dinner that night.

Saturday:  We went to Riveira for lunch and WOW, every house there is more than 2 million, everyone was very good looking and no one wears clothes.  No biggie.  I found a Kit Kat bar, American chocolate is unbeatable.  We saw plenty of VERY expensive cars and had a great BBQ. We had a Stake Priesthood meeting that night and saw the video of the last time Gordon B Hinckley bore his testimony and wow I love and miss that man. That may have got me too. We are SO lucky to have the knowledge that we have a prophet living. I love this church and I love President Thomas S Monson. 

Sunday:  We had a baptism of a little eight year old that is the daughter of some members. It doesn’t "count" for our mission but she asked me to baptize her and wow there is no way you don’t feel the spirit baptizing someone!  We sung in the ward choir and I was holding the tenors alone...a little rough.  We finally got to eat lunch at 4:00 because of the baptism and choir it took FOREVER but we had a really good FHE that night!

Well that wraps up the week here in Bertioga! I miss you all but I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be! Keep the letters and emails coming, say your prayers, read your scriptures and don’t forget about me!

com amor,


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