Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 11, 2012

So just to get all the transfer stuff straight, I’m in Bertioga, THE BIGGEST AREA IN THE MISSION,  and well it seriously is absolutely huge! It is about as big as all of Diadema and well it’s just me and Elder De Assis holding down the fortress of salvation here.  I love my comp!  It has been raining like nobody’s business here! Like we are talking lakes of water in roads and well cement doesn’t really exist on any of the side roads here because we are pretty close to the beach so my shoes are taking a BEATING!  They’ve gotta last at least a year and I’ll break out the other ones but a really quick rundown of the week goes as follows.

TUESDAY:  The day of transfers.  We left at 1130 and didn’t get to my area until three hours so it really is kind of out in the boonies of our mission!  In fact we are going to the temple tomorrow and it is gonna take the whole day to go to the temple, do a session and then come back!   But after we finally got in the area, I unpacked which was really nice and then we met the Pres of the Relief Society that night and she is the greatest!  We are getting tons of help from the ward already!

WEDNESDAY: The first district meeting in Guarujá and we have some solid people in the district!   I just love the ward! I SAW THE BEACH!

THURSDAY:  It marked six months and well that was a little crazy!  Time really is just insane on the mission! It feels like it has been a while but at the same time it has FLOWN.  A few other highlights, my companion found some cockroaches in his shoes at lunch, I gave my first blessing, it was raining like crazy and well ya know I burned a tie that night!  Six months on the mission baby!

FRIIDAY:  Still raining like crazy and at this point, every single road was a lake!! I decided to bring dry soaks and swap out during the day because it gets really annoying having soaking wet soaks ha but well they didn’t last longer than 30 minutes dry and they were already soaking again!  Welcome to Bertiágua.  Thank heavens a member in the ward bought us some new umbrellas so that was mega nice because I lost my small one and the extra that was laying around the house was awful! I don’t know why everything seems to fall apart 5x faster on the mission but it really does!

SATURDAY:  We got money for lunch and we bought a little pizza and some bread and ham so that was lunch.  Luckily had 30 bucks in the bank that finally showed up for me to survive here because well we are ABSURDLY poor! The area is so huge that we have to take the bus from appointment to appointment and it’s a solid 14 reais to go district meeting and the stake and just to give you a little idea of how much stupid money has gone to the bus. I saw our chapel here and it really looks like a temple!  The thing is under a year old and is sick; it’s a little different that Inamar h our graffiti covered rented building. 

SUNDAY:  We got to see the dedication of the temple in Manaus and well that was our church! It really was so cool to be able to see it.  Another example of how amazing our ward is, one of the counselors in the relief society gave us 100 reais, so 50  a piece for us to be able to pay for going to the temple and to be able to go dedication!  Well that brings us to today, sitting at a members house playing pool, pinball and having a barbeque! oh i love Brazil.

com amor e caridade, ELDER GUBLER :) 

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