Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 30, 2012

Tuesday:  As usual district meeting and as usual we get to lunch mega late which makes the whole day nice and late, especially because we took a different bus this time and it took a solid 2 hours to get to lunch and then after we finally got to lunch, finished eating, and took another bus to get to our appointments, it was nice and late but we taught a few new people there and then walked back to Bertioga and all the way to the church, had a ward meeting but ended up leaving and doing a division so that was sweet.

Wednesday:  A normal day.  We talked to our investigator about why he didn’t go to church on Sunday because it was supposed to be his baptism and well the rest of our appointments fell through.

Thursday:  At lunch we had some cane which is essentially just like a giant reed that you cut off the outside shell and chew on the center part and it’s really sweet! I’m like hooked on the stuff.  The rest of that day we stayed in an area and knocked a ton of doors and marked appointments for this week!  One of our investigators is a street vender and he was trying to sell us all this stuff after our lesson because they made us dinner and well I gave in and bought three of those beach straw hats that are actually pretty nice for 5 reais so that’s $2.50 for 3 mega nice beach hats, oh gotta love Brazil!  I’m just not sure how I’m gonna get them home.  I bought a hair clipper for my birthday present for myself because getting a haircut here is very expensive so I just have to cut my hair six times with the thing and its already worth it!  The only problem, you all know how I LOVE cutting my hair and well I cut it WAY too short but well good thing I’m not trying to impress anyone and everyone has gotta have an awful haircut at least once in the mission...right dad?  I hope so because everyone in the ward is already giving me a ton of crap for it.

Friday:  just another regular day! We did our usual route and well besides cranking out some solid contacts, not much else went down.  There was a birthday party of someone in the ward so we hit that up real fast, got some brigadeiro and salgados and then we were out of there.

Sunday:  Not much went down on Sunday either! We taught some less active families and got home and started the process of cleaning the house.  The president is coming tomorrow to do interviews and to see the house and well it’s gonna be a fun night tonight.  We decided that we are just gonna have to throw away some of the dishes because they have had food in them for the past 4 months and never been opened, gotta love the mission!  I‘ve been keeping track of how many steps I take every day and well I hope you are ready for the weekly grand total…47.84 miles baby! Pretty impressive right, HECK YEAH!   



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