Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012

Tuesday:  Just your average day, my body was BROKEN after p-day but that was expected and was well worth it.  Since we were both too tired to walk we took the bus a lot which meant a ton of waiting for the bus so we only taught two lessons.

Wednesday:   We got a call from the Mission President in the morning and found out that one of the Elders there had a married woman after him so we had an emergency transfer and he was transferred Bertioga with me.  My companion went to fill his place and I have a new companion.  I was a little nervous about becoming accustomed with his teaching style but I really like the kid!  He is from here in São Paulo so he isn’t far from home, he is 23 and is finishing his mission in October (the next transfer) and he really likes to work which is a very nice change because usually when people get down to the last bit of their mission they are kid of worthless but he really is a worker so I’m loving that!  We paid 14 bucks to go to our district meeting and then go to lunch, the we went back and packed up my companions stuff and then back on the bus, another 14 bucks and another 2 hours on the bus and then another 3 bucks to get to the place where we switched comps so I spent a solid 32 bucks in one day, sat on the bus for four hours and got home mega late so needless to say it was a VERY long day! 

Thursday:  We visited some new investigators way out in the boonies of our area and they are quite the little old couple.  We also had to buy all the stuff for our activity on Friday

Friday:  It turns out that my new companion served in Guarujá and knows a few families here so when he passed through it was kind of crazy when he was calling everyone by name.  I also talked with some Europeans that had awful Portuguese and WOW I am seriously forgetting how to speak English.  We then had a Ward activity that rocked; we did a treasure hunt using the scriptures.  I also got bit by a crazy dog.  My new companion is huge; he knows all these crazy fighting styles and was in the Brazilian Marines.  He is a MEGA powerful missionary!  I hope I can learn a lot from him!

Sunday:  We had church as usual but had a MEGA powerful lesson on the Priesthood for our Principles of the Gospel class and I essentially had the goose bumps for 45 minutes straight. We are so lucky to have the Church and that amazing power in our lives.  That night my new companion and I did a little wrestling, wow the kid could snap me in half. I know this email may be a little small this week but I still love you all so same so keep the emails and letters coming! Say your prayers, read your scriptures, and write me! 


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