Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, September 17, 2012

August 27, 2012

 A few highlights for the week....

- Last district meeting with everyone... we had a TON of people go away this transfer!
- Had some solid lessons and a FHE, that night when we dedicated a house, fun stuff

- We had a Ward member stick with us for the day so we had some solid lessons and we walked a ton as usual.  There is this kind of sketchy freeway that we walk along and we always just sing our hearts out it but since the Ward member knows a little English we were singing hymns in English and Portuguese at the same time, turned out pretty good!
- Had a great time teaching the law of chastity to one of our investigators who is 13

- Cut my companions hair and I’m getting pretty good at this whole hair cutting thing
- Got some shoes from our Ward Mission Leader because the area with all the sand and rain it’s destroying my shoes!  They are absurdly uncomfortable but I’m hoping I can find some decent insoles and let’s hope that will help out
- Had a lesson with one of our investigators right by the beach, gotta love serving in Brazil 

- Took my shoes to a "sapatearia" or a shoe fixer guy and well with a well spent 15 reais he totally saved my shoes!  Much better than buying super glue every week and "fixing" them myself
- Got some new investigators, being American helps get attention but everyone keeps on bailing out on us so that’s really annoying
- Had a HUGE choir event at our chapel, which meant plenty of contacts and some pretty great music

- I decided I love the book "Doutrinas De Salvação" by Joseph Fielding Smith
- Had a couple lessons with old investigators and wrapped up the night with a ward birthday party which meant plenty of delicious Brazilian junk food! I love it here.

- Had a really good meeting with the leaders of the branch
- Took pictures with tons of people because I thought I was going to leave this transfer
- Heard crazy mission stories from a RM that we had lunch in his house
- Had a solid FHE that night

- The big story for today is the fact that well.... with my AMAZING LUCK.... my camera ended up falling in the water at a waterfall that we went to today! We went with a member family and a couple youth kids but it’s not like a waterfall with water falling from 20 feet but like water falling down rocks that you can slide down into the water or little lake at the bottom but so I’m filming members sliding down the rock and the dad of the family that we were with has the GENIUS idea to splash me with water which wasn’t a big deal at all, I just stuck my camera in my shirt but it had quite the outcome because the water got the rock that I was on all wet and I end up falling in.  Mid fall I throw my camera up the rock because there were some other members waiting up there to go but the wrist strap catches my arm and doesn’t go more than 3 feet and ends up following me right into the water...... and for some reason my comp ends up falling in too... we still aren’t sure why/how we fell in but well we both ended up in the water and feeling AWFUL after because it’s against the rules to get into water but after quite a bit of praying and a blessing of comfort I still feel really bad even though I didn’t do anything wrong but I feel better than before. It totally wasn’t my fault family but keep the story on the down low because I don’t want tons of people hearing about it... it wasn’t my fault I swear!  But about the camera, I haven’t tried the memory card yet but that should still work and I’m just going to leave the camera and battery in rice for 3 days before I try anything but say some prayers for the thing to come back to life! I will probably end up buying a new camera next week.  I love you all, keep the emails coming and don’t think I’m a slacker for falling in the water! 

amo todo vocês!!!!  ELDER GUBLER  

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