Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, September 19, 2013

August 6, 2013

Here is a quick little rundown of some highlights of me week.  On Friday, we went to the zoo and they had this safari thing inside the zoo that was kind of expensive but so cool!! :) I feel like a child again, we went in some camo van for like 5 other people and just drove through the jungle feeding ostriches and deer (yes they have deer in the zoo here, I thought that was super funny) and the monkeys were jumping on the roof and I got face to face with a zebra and it was just super sick, good times.  That kind of made up for the last three weeks that we didn’t take p-day and then next week we are gonna go to the biggest soccer museum in South America with an investigator and her family and turns out that President and Sister Tanner have one of their kids and some grandkids coming down to brazil next week and they were thinking about going as well so we may go with them too.  I can never remember what I talked about in last week’s emails because I send my email on a different day every single week, essentially whenever I have some free time.  But some other fun stuff, we re-made our mission card this week and so I redesigned the thing and it got here yesterday and it turned out SUPER sick. And now we are gonna make some legit baptismal invitations as well! The mission is really changing like crazy lately, we have some many ideas that we are finally putting in to play and it’s really turning out pretty great! About our area though, things are getting a little rough in our area right now...we have some people with tons with potential and with baptismal dates but our issue right now is getting people to come to church.  We have _____ who goes to her boyfriend’s house every weekend because he lives in another city but she stayed here this weekend so she could come to church and well despite her dog waking the whole street up, me calling her every 30 minutes and ringing her doorbell non-stop, she didn’t come to church.  She is progressing really well though and we still haven’t met her boyfriend yet but she is gonna talk about chastity with him and is already keeping the word of wisdom!   The gospel truly changes lives and our other investigator that never ceases to impress me is _____ the Mom of member that was never baptized because she liked to drink and didn’t want to give that up, well something changed and she is SUPER firm right now! She is gonna be interviewed for baptism this weekend and then as soon as her friend comes back from Colorado she is gonna be baptized! For right now it’s marked for the 24th but he may get back even earlier than that, fingers crossed.  That is actually who we are gonna go to the soccer museum with next week, they are the GREATEST. I love that family!  Well I’m pretty sure that covers everything for right now! I’m gonna have to take President and Sister back the federal police station this next week and then they will be good to go for 5 years! But I love you family! I love each and every one of you! Thank you for everything that you have each individually done for me.


Elder Gubler

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