Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, September 19, 2013

August 14, 2013

This week has been SUPER, SUPER busy so far but kind of nice because I really have hardly been in the office the whole week. We had our zone conference on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we had the zone conference for the other half of the mission and I had to make sure that everything went smoothly with that and then yesterday we took p-day and went to the soccer museum with an investigator and some members and that was SICK and then we went to a HUGE famous park in São Paulo and we rented bikes and rode around for an hour which was amazingly nice. We got SUPER lucky too because Pres never lets anyone use bikes like never. But well I guess there are some bonuses for being in the office and always solving his problems ;) but I didn’t realize how great riding a bike is. I may get into that when I get back and I can’t wait to give dad's dirt bike a little spin.  But speaking of President Tanner, his daughter and her family are here in Brazil just kind of checking out all the sights and soaking up everything and well I was talking to them and I don’t remember the families last name but I know one of grandchildren of President and Sister whose name is Jane plays on Anna Pinegar (as is like Steve and Lisa’s Anna) so we chatted about that for quite a while and of course they know Grandma and Grandpa and it was super fun to be able to talk to some people from back home!  And another story that I just remembered right now is that this last week when I went to the federal police station there was another mission there too and I met a Sister Steig that had just gotten her visa and she came from the states and well get this, she knows Lauren or Sister Hagemeyer, super small world right! They apparently met in the MTC in Provo and they both got their visas at the same time so they came down here together as well, cool story right!  And well about our ward and investigators, we are really getting the area to move again! when I first got here it was golden and we got three baptisms and then that was kind of it because we baptized the investigators that they had that were progressing and well we finally have another solid group coming together again! We don’t have enough time to visit everyone so we are starting to get more help from the ward as well.  We had a couple and their three kids come to church and they are progressing super well, we have _____ who is also progressing like crazy and keeping all the commandments, she essentially is a missionary because she taught her boyfriend about everything and they read the Book of Mormon together and are keeping the law of chastity it’s just hard because he lives in Sorocaba which is a city like three hours away and so every single weekend she goes to spend with him so she hasn’t come to church yet and they we have _____ who never ceases to impress me and who is more than ready for baptism!  The ward is SUPER excited for her baptism too because she has been many times before and her Mom and her tw2 daughters are members for something like 17 years now and well her time just finally showed up and we are super excited for her! She’s gonna get baptized next week and then we have a couple other couples and families that are coming along quite nicely as well :) its game time baby!! But well I think that essentially wraps up the week!

com amor,

Elder Gubler


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