Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, September 19, 2013

August 30, 2013

So the good news is that I survived, the bad news is that I kind of almost died on Wednesday. After two days of almost no sleep my body just about gave out and I got a nice little cold and just had the greatest body aches ever, fun stuff. But luckily Sister Tanner is the greatest ever and she made me a care package of all the meds I would need, and cinnamon rolls and natural juice.  Well after following her instructions and FINALLY getting some sleep I feel WORLDS better. As Aladdin well stated, "a whole new world".  But about the week, the transfers went pretty smoothly, like they were going oddly smoothly because there is almost always something that is forgotten or not done right or something like that but I double checked like everything on Monday night so no materials or slideshows or newby packets were forgotten but something big did kind of go a little wrong. We have a member of the church that always does our lunches for us and well she did last week and I marked with her husband to do another lunch for us on Tuesday for the transfers and so I call her on Monday morning at like 10:30 just to confirm that everything was good to go but when I call her I’m like "hey is everything good to go for today?" and she was like "what’s today?". Great sign right, so come to find out that her hubby was at the beach and had forgotten to tell her that he marked with me so then the blood pressure went up and I went into game mode because I have an hour and a half to get a lunch together. So I call Elder and Sister _____ who are the missionary couple in our mission and they go off to the market to get stuff to make sandwiches so yeah we made sandwiches and fruit and cupcakes, SÓ VAI.  I did feel pretty bad for the new missionaries though because their first lunch in brazil fell through, welcome to the mission.  Other than that TINY detail, it was a SUPER busy day of running around from Presidents house to the office to the chapel to the office to the cartorio and well welcome to my life.  Some other fun news, I sent the last big group of Americans home before my group, super weird. I’m sending a pic of the group but this next transfer, the only people leaving are our missionary couple which is gonna be SUPER without them because they have saved me multiple time.  Fun fact they are from St George so I plan on visiting them because I like them.  But the other big news which is pretty big new is THE BAPTISM OF ______, after 15 some odd years!  Great day and it was a SUPER spiritual baptismal meeting. It was really packed because she invited some friends that are and some that aren’t members of the church and since her mom and two daughters are all members they all bore their testimony and they were plenty of tears and it was just amazing. Here in a year they will be able to get sealed and I’m SUPER excited for them because I really love that family and frankly I love the gospel and the amazing opportunity I have to be able to share the gospel with others. Michael get ready big boy because there is nothing better. Beats an iPhone out of the water any day but well I think that’s gonna have to wrap up my letter for right now! I love you all, thanks for all the support, remember who you are, the importance of the small things and that the gospel is perfect.

Elder Gubler

Missão Brasil São Paulo Sul

Secretário da Missão

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