Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 6, 2013

Well I am SUPER crazy busy as usual! Yesterday was probably the craziest day I have had in months!  I woke up 5:30 to take 7 people to the federal police station including Pres and Sister Tanner and well on the way there we had a sister get stolen on the train and an Elder puked and that was before we even got to the best part. Then once we got there, since no one from the church office building knew how to finish the Presidents visa process they told what they thought I would need and well come to find out here was another fine I needed to pay so I had to run around and get that paid and help another new mission secretary from another mission and they made some people retake their pictures because sometime the accept people smiling and a gray background and sometime you can smile and the background has to be PERFECTLY white and their can’t be a shadow on you face so we had 2 people that had to retake pics and man it was just a BLAST let me tell ya. I just LOVE that place. It’s always super organized and everything. but we all survived and only one sister didn’t make it through because her paperwork was wrong so I’m gonna have to send that to the US Consulate here in Brazil for them to figure that out and then we got back and I went to get some authenticated copies of everything and then at like 3 we finally went to lunch and I ate WAY too much because I felt super hungry but my stomach was tiny and then we painted part of a house and then we went back to the office until 6 and then taught some lessons that night. The day is going down in books and there is just a little sample of my life but other than that, Wednesday we had a division and had some super good lessons and the ward is really noticing out work now so we are really getting somewhere! The couple we are teaching is gonna get married as soon as we can get all the papers ready but it’s gonna cost R$250 reais to get all the stuff we need and well the ward is taking FOREVER to decide it they can pay it or not so if it takes much longer I’m just gonna pay just FYI it would end up being like 120 dollars.  _____ got confirmed on Sunday and she asked me to confirm her and well it has been a WHILE since I’ve confirmed someone so I was oddly nervous and it was kind of hilarious because my hand and my knees were like uncontrollably shaking.  I you couldn’t tell from my voice that I was nervous and as soon as I started I was fine but I was just shaking for some reason, super funny and everyone keeps on giving me crap for it. Gotta love the mission  and one more fun detail our stake got its named changed from Sao Paulo west to São Paulo Sul which make a ton more sense because west had nothing to do with the area or the mission but now our stake has the same name as the mission, aí sim!  A few other things, _____ our other super firm investigator is gonna get baptized on the 21st and so she is progressing super well too and a super weird fact, we had zone meeting this week and the zone leader was like "why don’t we ask the veteran in the zone" and then looked at me and I totally thought he was talking about someone else but then I realized that I’m officially the oldest in our zone. It’s really starting to hit now... and I hate it... I remember when I was super new in the mission and hearing the people that only had 2 months left was always super weird and well now that’s me.... time is weird. But well I love you all! Hope everything is going good back at home! I always pray for all of you, thanks for the support and I’ll see ya soon ;)

Elder Gubler

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