Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 1, 2013

Some highlights for the last week, I took my first group of Americans to the federal police station alone on Tuesday and it actually went SUPER smoothly, last time I went there with Elder _____ before he went home, we didn’t leave until like 1:30 and this time we got out of there at 11:30 so we got out at record breaking speeds, didn’t get any tickets and only one person had a problem that is actually gonna be a HUGE pain because I’m gonna have to go the US consulate here in Brazil because his visa application form is wrong, way to go Salt Lake.  Some other highlights for this last week, it was President Tanner's b-day on Friday we had a little surprise for him that turned out SUPER sick.  We had our interviews and home inspections so he came to the office to take us over to our house for him just make sure it wasn’t a mess and well it was pretty disgusting but I was impressed with how good we got it looking and while he was checking out our house me and another Elder set up this flag that all the missionaries signed in the mission and I made a little b-day card with picture of the whole mission on it and well when he came back, he went into his office to do the interviews but we all followed him in and his reaction was classic when he saw the flag :) super great! It was a big hit so that was way cool to be able to do that for him because he deserves it and then his actual b-day was on Saturday and they invited us to their house that morning for his birthday breakfast (gotta love being in the office ;) which was French toast with maple syrup and it was debatable one of the greatest things I’ve eat in a LONG time, wow. Sister tanner is one of the greatest cooks ever and experiencing real American syrup again was needed and also talking about Pres, having my interview with him was debatable one of the coolest thing ever. Now that we are a lot closer it just felt super personal and sincere and he always says the closing prayer and gives you like little blessing and that was probably one of the greatest feelings ever. I just love the mission. I love the chance to work with Pres and Sister Tanner so closely and to really see how inspired they are. To feel how much they honestly care about every single missionary here in the mission, they are AMAZING!  This church is perfect, the gospel is perfect and the Lord is blessing us with the elects. I know it’s been a couple weeks without baptism here because we were SUPER CRAZY busy because of the transfer but this next month should be great!  Keep all of our investigators in your prayers! We have seven people marked with baptism date so far but last night there was a soccer game in the church and me and member from another ward just got TONS of addresses and it was great so I know that if we do our part, the Lord ALWAYS does His. I love you all and if you want to be happier, be part of missionary work.
amo vocês

Elder Gubler
Missão Brasil São Paulo Sul
Secretário da Missão

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