Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 2, 2013

So good news, we had a baptism on Sunday.  His name is ______ and the kid is a champ!  I really like him and he is going to seminary and all this good stuff so the kid is super firm!  And more good news, _____ I don’t know if you remember her but I was teaching her back in my old area, the other office ward (Cidade Vargas), she was actually one of the first doors I knocked in that area and well she got baptized too, WOOOOOOOOOO!  I really wanted to go to her baptism but we had our Ward fiesta junina (June party) which is essentially like this party where everyone gets dressed up like cowboys and well there were TONS of non-members there so we were all over the place chatting up a storm with the people and we took a box full of stuff that we gave out so that was pretty sick but get this, _____ daughter gave birth on the day of her baptism so she was obviously at the hospital that morning helping her daughter but her baptism was marked for three and the missionaries assumed it wasn't gonna happen because she was at the hospital with her daughter but she just showed up at the church at like 3:30 so she got baptized at like 5:00 and I’m super happy for her because it’s been like two weeks since she is more than ready to be baptized but they kept on putting it off but it worked out.  And well what else happened this week, the major things were the baptisms and the fiesta junina but I did some baptismal interviews for the ZLs, I called Cape Verde in Africa, I went to the middle of nowhere to get an Elder to sign a piece of paper  and well plenty of stressful office stuff.  Apparently this week wasn't as exciting as I thought, sorry for the super boring.

But I love you all! Keep the emails coming and don’t stress too much for my b-day because I think I can wait for the good stuff until I get home ;)

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