Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, August 4, 2013

June 18, 2013

So another SUPER crazy week here in the office and well it’s just gonna get crazier next week because the new mission president is gonna show up, and the other executive secretary is leaving on Friday to go home so I’m gonna have to do EVERYTHING by myself...we can barely do everything with two, AHHHHH I can do this. So please keep those prayers coming.  We have over 50 missionaries who should be in our mission right now or are in the CTM in Provo waiting for visas.  But well about my week real fast, I was "transferred" again because here is the deal, there are two wards for the office missionaries, I was in Cidade Vargus and I was loving it but well since the ward ROCKS, the Pres wants the missionaries to be able to spend more time in the field than in the office so he left l _____ (my old comp) there and brought a new elder up to be his companion but he isn’t officially an office Elder.  Once everything gets smoothed out they are gonna be able to leave the office at noon while me and my comp Elder _____ stay here until six slaving away because right now there are two Executive Secretaries, one financial and one materials secretary.  Elder _____ and I are the two Execs but he is leaving on Friday so I’m gonna have to ride solo and I’m freaking out.  There is SOOOOO much stuff to do but again, I can do it, posso fazer coisas difíceis (I can do hard things).  The Pres and Sister have a decoration plate in their office that says that and well that is gonna be my new motto.  Speaking of them though, since I moved wards, I’m now working with investigators that I don’t know too well. I was kind of in area LIMBO this week because I was helping Elder ______ in Cidade Vargus with getting to know the members better to get divisions and stuff but well I wanted to meet all the investigators in Parque Jabaquara too so I was all over the place this last week.  But get this yesterday, we had a FHE with the President and Sister in their new SUPER fancy apartment and it was AMAZING. I’m pretty sure I have the best mission Pres and wife in the whole world!  They never cease to amaze me!  We went there with an investigator named _____ that we want to get baptized this Thursday before Elder _____ goes home so he can baptize on his last day on the mission.  Also there is also another kid we want to baptize named _____ and then another kid named _____ that are both on the edge of baptism and there is a lady named _____ that I was teaching back in Cidade Vargus who is probably gonna get baptized this next week too :)  And oh another story, on Sunday some members from São Bernardo came to visit me, I didn’t see that one coming!  _____, the kid that we got SOO close to baptizing when I was there and then fell away because the missionaries stopped going there but I emailed and he is preparing to get baptized again and he wants to be baptized by me :), _____ (recent convert) and then some members _____, ______,  _____ and _____ owns a skate shop and they gave me some SICK skate shoes for free and well I miss them like crazy and I love the mission, these people are amazing. I even threw a picture in here with them and at the FHE at the Pres and sisters SICK house!  But well that doesn’t really come close to wrapping up the week but I’ve gotta get some stuff done before we are out to teach :) I love you all, read your scrips, say your prayer, keep the support/ emails coming and dont ever forget that this church is perfect. 

With MUITO love.


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