Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 19, 2013

We had _____ baptism this last week which was super sick, the ward house was PACKED because he went to the stake camp out trip thing and got super tight with people from other wards and all this stuff so tons of people came.  There were even six people from my old office ward Cidade Vargas so that was way cool to see them again and to see this kid so excited to get baptized!  We gave him a suit coat, pants and a tie so he looked pretty good if I do say so myself  and he is already talking about going on a mission in a year because he is almost 18. I just love the mission.  He sent us a text this last Sunday after his baptism and it was incredible, Elder _____ and I both got all teary eyed after reading the text.  He is AMAZING and you totally wouldn’t see it in him either because he has a little buzzed mohawk and he is a big kid but I really love the crap out him and I am SO glad that everything worked out at his baptism :) I’m sending the pic.  Another pretty big thing that happened this week was transfers which meant that I sent my first group of SUPER trunky missionaries home which was interesting....totally didn’t make me trunky at all.  But I got like tons of stuff from everyone that was leaving so that was super cool, five ties, some Japanese book, American candy because the family of one missionary came to pick him up so gotta love me some peanut butter, reses and skittles, I guess the office isn’t that bad is it ;) but I really am gonna miss all those missionaries... super good guys. I sent a pic of me sending everyone off to their last dinner with the president!  It was just a tad bit stressful sending them all off though because I had to send them all home and make sure all their transportation to the airport was good to go and everyone left at the right time and then I had to make sure the transfer was all going okay and then I had to give a training to all the newbies that showed up this last week too....so this week has kind of been SUPER SUPER SUPER busy, hence we just having time to email right now...Friday night. I may be a tad bit exhausted but today was actually a GREAT day so it’s okay! I opened the few things that I left closed for my b-day, came to the office to some killer good brownies that Sister Tanner made for me, worked this morning, sent off a few emails, ate some lunch and then Elder _____ and l took p-day and we went to this Japan festival that was pretty close by and is apparently the biggest japan festival in all of South America and well it was actually pretty sick.  I got some more Asian food which I’m becoming super fond of by the way :) and there was just tons of Japanese stuff which Elder _____ LOVES so he was just jumping all over the place.  The kid is adorable.  Then we got back I did a baptismal interview and when I left there was a surprise b-day party for me in the chapel.  Elder _____ is just the greatest even though they all put ketchup on me (see the pic.... and that was just the beginning, it got MUCH worse and I still smell like ketchup...lol Brazilians celebrate b-days in the CRAZIEST ways but it was actually super great and I was impressed how many people remembered! I got some solid calls from missionaries and even got a call from the states to wish me happy b-day, don’t stress it was former missionary Elder _____ who called the office phone, love the kid so yeah all in all, great day, really unforgettable. I just love this place. if I could stay on the mish for another five years and just listen to real music and watch movies, I would be good to go but ok yeah sorry this email is short but I want to go to bed to PEACE!! 
Love you all!! Thanks for everything!



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