Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 6, 2013

Since we had ZL counsel (Jedi council)on Monday, district meeting was on Wednesday and it was actually with the whole zone together again so my second zone training that I’ve given and well I didn’t think it turned out as well as I wanted it too.  We talked about miracles and how they haven’t stopped and wont if we keep doing our part and well it was decent but then we got the numbers of everyone for the week, apparently it had quite the impact because now everyone is working a heck of a lot harder!  At the ZL counsel we talked about baptizing 200 as a mission in a month because that has been Pres Tanners goal since I’ve been here and we’ve never gotten it and probably won’t after the mission splits so the fact that we’ve only got two more months until the mission splits or two months to get that 200 I feel like is whipping everyone into shape and were gonna get it because frankly Pres and Sister Tanner deserve it.  Then I did a division with Elder _____ that day and it was a solid division and we got a pizza that night which had been WAY too long since I got a pizza because my comp is on a diet...but Brazilian pizza is fantastic!  Thursday we had lunch at the end of our area by a dam and we got there super early so we took some pictures and the rest of the day was super successful and then Friday it was a pretty sick day!  We had lunch at _____ house the GOLD investigator we have and then after lunch I got this kid in our ward to stay with us like the whole day so we got some solid lessons in and then that night we had our weekly activity which we had a member leave the message and then we played this game after where we came up with some 20 questions and bought whipping cream which is SUPER expensive here by the way and essentially if you answered the question wrong or if your opponent answered it right before you, you took a pie of whipping cream to the face so that was a MAJOR hit and we had some 35+ people there and I may have taken two to the face haha :) Sunday another pretty normal day, we had some solid peeps at church and _____, who we met this last Monday, went and well when we met him, he said "I want to be baptized!" so he went to church this week and will be baptized this next Sunday and we are also hoping that _____ gets baptized! She has a baptismal date for this Friday but if it doesn’t work out this week, she will be going soon and same thing as _____ and _____ parents, we just need the birth certificate of that Dad that is coming and then we are gonna get them married.  But well that wraps up the week; I love you all so much and can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!  Read your scriptures, say your prayers, and brace yourselves to talk to Elder Gublerzão on Sunday!! :)

Beijos e um abração...


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