Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 20, 2013

- We marked the wedding of the parents of _____ and _____ the two girls we baptized recently and even though I don’t know that I’ll be here because it’s not gonna be until July.  I’m still SUPER pumped for them because they are just AMAZING!  They are both progressing like crazy and they are gonna be one powerful family in the church but about the wedding, the marked it for July because they couldn’t mark it while my companion was still here since he goes him in three weeks so they marked a little later so that he might be able to come back down but then that made it so I probably won’t be able to see it which isn’t really gonna work out because the Mom _____REALLY wants me to baptize here and says she won’t get baptized if it’s not me so frankly lets really hope I stay here.
- Speaking of marriage, the other couple that we were working with but when we went to mark their marriage and we found out that the husband wasn’t divorced so they couldn’t get married but so we went there yesterday with an attorney in the ward and well essentially we resolved that problem because he can get him divorced this week and for free so we will be marking his marriage for real this week and then he will be baptized nice and soon too!! Another reason I want to stay here!! 
- Moving right along, about the preacher and his family that we have been teaching! I don’t now if I’ve talked about him yet but we went to his house this week and we tried to teach him the first lesson and it was going GREAT the spirit was there and he was following along and then RIGHT before we got onto Joseph, his Mother- in-law literally JUMPS out of here and starts screaming about Prophets and how their only Prophet is Christ, who is also God and the Holy Ghost.  So they all ganged on us and screamed up a storm but then to cool everything off after they made us cake and I washed their dished which they thought was like the funniest thing ever, an American washing their dishes.   Oh and we went to their church on Saturday night and it was just GREAT, we sat in the 2nd to the front row and they sang a song saying we were welcome and everyone shook our hands and it was super gospelly, like they literally just say and screamed GLORY for an hour and 20 minutes and there was like 10 minutes of some guy talking some psalms.. classic, seems like these churches just know psalms. It was just one more testimony that the church really is PERFECT and since we went to their church they came to ours on Sunday but just stayed for sacrament meeting.  Next week they said they’ll stay for it all!
- And well another highlight, we hit up 25 de Marco, the crazy street in São Paulo that has like EVERYTHING you can imagine and well as usual I spent too much... but I got some sick stuff to send home to ya’ll! I’ll try and get the package off this next week of maybe the week after but it’s one its way don’t worry! But about 25 de Marco! we went to the tallest building in São Paulo (see the pics), learned some magic from a street magic dude, hit up china town of São Paulo....literally felt like I was in china but we found skittles and snickers and other imported goodies but it was ALL super mega expensive.... like a tiny little jar of peanut butter for 28 reais, not gonna happen!  And well the rest of the stuff I got is gonna have to be a surprise! But that wraps up the week! I love you all more than anything, I hope ya’ll know that I know that this church really is true and is perfect. I LOVE the chance that I have to help others come unto Christ and come to know His love and His church. Keep reading the scriptures, praying and writing me! Small things go a long way :)



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