Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 12, 2013

Its madness here at times, the whole going to bed at 10:30 thing doesn’t apply to us at all because well I haven’t been to bed that early since I’ve been in the office.   Heck if we can get to bed before like 11:30 it’s a GREAT night... just a little example on transfer night last week we went to bed at 2:00 in the morning and woke up the next morning at 5:30 so yeah, I’m not just a pansy but it does get a little insane here. 
Dad that was an awesome story about one of your converts! It amazes how there are really so many people out there ready for years, just waiting to accept this message. Just do YOUR part and the Lord blesses you with those truly prepared. The whole elect thing is completely true. I’ve been blessed enough to meet some of them. I know that _____ back in Santo André will turn into a Bishop and that’s why Satan is doing literally EVERYTHING he can to keep him from getting baptized but well his divorce is going through, then marriage then baptism and then the bishopric. 
The office is a tad bit nuts because well we just had another mini transfer because we got some short time missionaries that came from the CTM because they couldn’t get their visas to go out of Brazil and well this is the 3rd time in two weeks that the Pres has changed has the transfer so that makes it fun for us.  I’ve now got to totally change the phone list so certain people can call others and well it’s kind of insane here! Good thing Elder _____ is still here (the old secretary executivo) because if he wasn’t here I would be TOTALLY lost. He is leaving next Friday though so please keep those prayers coming for me because I’ve still got plenty to learn in a week.... but oh speaking about this transfer I got transferred too, my 3rd area and 4rd comp in two weeks.  I was in the Cidade Vargas ward and well now I’m going to the other ward that is by the office Parque jabaquara.   I’m kind of bummed because I was really loving my ward! I’ve never seen a ward so pumped for missionary work on my whole mission and we would have divisions like four times a week which is GREAT because we only get to leave after six and we have a pretty solid size teaching pool but well.  I’m going to the other ward and well I get to be a District Leader too so pretty sure I may go into stress overload and the pres may be trying to kill me hahah.  Taking care of the whole mission I thought would be enough but now I’ve got a district to take care of too which means weekly district trainings and baptism interviews for others which I love so I’m completely okay with that but kind of takes some more of the limited time we have. It’s okay though, I know I can do this, because the Lord wants and needs me to plus it should be some good practice for when I actually turn into a rich business man, hehe.
Another quick story, we went to the temple yesterday which was EXACTLY what I needed. I have been having tons of stuff on my mind lately. I don’t even really have time to think about myself anymore but I have been thinking a lot about post mission life seeing as I’ve only got six months left (no I’m not trunky, just confused).  But just being able to get away from the world and sit and think in the temple was phenomenal. I think we deserve to go there once a week as office Elders just to keep ourselves sane.  But then after our session, the APs and I went and talked to the Temple Presidency first councilor and it was EPIC. This church is soooo beyond true. Everything just makes perfect sense and I love it. I know with all the absurdity that my words can express that this church is God's only church. He is the guiding us through His Prophets and modern day revelation. I love the amazing chance I have to be a part of this church and represent MY Savior and Lord. I love Him, that’s why I’m here, to show that love and I hope all of you know how much I love my Lord Jesus Christ. I love this work and this mission. I love all of you and I pray daily that we can all stay in the perfect path that He prepared and left for us. I think the biggest thing I have learned to do on the mission is to just do YOUR part, consecrate yourself and trust in Heavenly Father and Christ and everything works out. They have a plan and it just happens to be perfect. I love you all more than you know. Keep the support coming please.

Small things go a long way. TTYL


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