Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 5, 2013

The work is picking up like CRAZY!  I got some luck to be out right now baby but speaking of new missionaries, we FINALLY got another American this week too!  Yesterday was transfer day which was MAYHEM by the way; I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted in my entire mission because well the whole going to be at 10:30 does not even come close to applying to us.  I haven’t slept for the entire week!  Sunday night the four APs slept at our house because we all had to close them missions numbers and pass the transfer so we already didn’t get much time to sleep, then Monday night we had to get EVERYTHING ready for the transfer, figure out how the people are gonna come up from the Baixada, all the newbie packets ready to go, get all the vans and flights good to go for all the missionaries that left, get the slideshow for the trainers and for the companionships and zones for the whole mission and well let’s just say that we didn’t leave the mission office until like 1:30 and then we had 18+ people in our house so there wasn’t much sleeping done either way and then up early the next morning to get all the stuff good to go at the chapel so yeah that was super fun.  Then this morning we had to go to the federal police dept with Pres and Sister and our old missionary couple on the mission to get their visas renewed and the new sister showed up today as well.  So that was actually WAY exciting, she was supposed to go to the Baixada which would be the Santos mission here in a month but well Pres Tanner must have had some major revelation during her interview because he changed around some companionships of sisters and now she is with a Brazilian that knows English fluently which was a great call and she is in Santo André my old zone  which I miss like crazy.  And speaking of Santo Andre, I talked to the missionaries there and they baptized _____ and _____, two people that I worked with for some major time so I was a little bummed that I wasn’t able to see their baptism but well on the plus side we had a baptism this last week too.  But the deal about the office, it’s not like against being the office, don’t get the wrong idea.  I know there is a reason that I am here but I don’t miss teaching all day, it is really just crazy here right now because the secretaries for the Santos mission are supposed to be going down to the office in the Baixada this Friday so that will make it so there is actually enough beds for everyone in our house but another crazy thing, on meeting with the Pres on Monday he was saying how when Elder _____, the old executive that is training me, leaves I’m going officially have to run this place so I’m probably gonna have to switch areas which I really don’t want to because we have actually a SICK pool of people we are teaching!  We have a lady named _____ that has date for baptism this week but I think it will probably be next week her baptism and we had two kids just randomly show up at the church on Saturday asking about soccer but it was while we were doing the baptismal meeting so we made them stay and they came to church on Sunday and their Mom is an less active so I want to baptize them and reactivate the Mom and then during a division this week, I met a lady that is ELECT, she accepted everything!  Baptismal date and the message and so I want to baptize her on the 24th! :) Needless to say, the Lord is blessing us like crazy in the area so I really want to stay in this ward! Because there are two wards by the office, one companionship takes care of one ward and the other the other ward. But I really want to stay here and the Pres likes the fact that we are gonna be baptizing here so I think he may let me here but well that is essentially it though... I’ve kind of got to go again though...plenty of things to do! ;)

I love you all.....read you scriptures......say your prayers......and specifically pray for me so I can handle this.....and letters are still accepted even though I probably won’t have time to respond for a couple months until I get a handle of things!

beijos e um abração


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