Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, November 10, 2013

September 26, 2013

This week has been nice and crazy and well it’s just going to get crazier because we have 25 missionaries that are going to be arriving for the next transfer which is in a week.  But at the same time I’m hoping that tons come on this one because this will be last transfer here and I don’t want to leave the next executive secretary with 40 some odd missionaries that arrive his first transfer as executive secretary.  We still have a little over 50 in the states after these that will coming this transfer but well let’s get onto my week! So on Tuesday the other half of the mish went to the temple, since we went through a session last week we couldn’t go again but we had to stop in at the church office building which is right next so we went with Pres and Sister Tanner and hit some crazy São Paulo traffic but after a couple hours we made there got everything worked out there and ate lunch at the super sick Brazilian Rodizio place right next to the temple with all the people that passed through the temple but while we were there, I saw Elder ______ my companion in Bertioga!   He is from the north part of Brazil but after he got home he lived in Praia Grande and turns out he just decided to stop in at the temple so that was cool to be able to talk to him!  That night I gave all the stuff I wanted Bishop to take but it turned out being too much so I had to leave the book so he is just going to take tons of soccer jerseys and stuff like that!  About yesterday, I took two Sisters to the federal police station and the guy from the MTC who always goes when mission secretaries go ended up not being able to go but well it worked out super smoothly and we got out of there at record breaking time but then we had got to the Recieta federal to pick up the package of an Elder from Chile because the government was holding it hostage but it was nice and far away and so we show up there and they almost wouldn’t let me take it but I made him sign a document saying that I could and all this stuff and well we got that all figured out but then a guy had to take a look at it to make sure there was nothing too expensive in it and he didn’t get in until 12 so we went got a bus and hunted down a Cartorio to get authenticated copies of the federal police station stuff and then we went back to the Reciete federal got the package and were on our way back to the office and well we didn’t get back until like 1:30 and we left home at 6:15.... and then we got back, ate lunch got some office stuff done and then we went with Pres and Sister Tanner back to Santo Andre because Pres let me go back (which he almost NEVER lets people do...) to baptize _____ the father of the family that I baptized and well that was amazing!!! It took us over 2 hours to get there (on the way back it took 28 mins) because we hit more insano STOPPED traffic... but we finally made it even though the water was freezing and I was beyond exhausted by that point, that was the most amazing baptism for me. To be able to see all those amazing people back in Santo Andre was great especially seeing as I didn’t even really get to say goodbye because I was emergency transfer to the office and to be able complete that family was perfect. Seeing how much the gospel has changed them is amazing. I just love this mission. I cannot say that enough and I don’t know if 2 months is going to be enough.... if I could stay one more transfer I would but you all got lucky because my visa expires... haha but well I have got tons of stuff to do to get ready for transfers coming up.... today was supposed to be p-day but well I doubt we will have pday this week....:( I WANNA SLEEP.... but frankly I should just soak up this whole being super tired thing because I only have 2 months of it left.  Love you all. Love the Gospel and we are all so unbelievable blessed to know the Gospel have it and its blessings in our lives.

Elder Gubler

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