Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, November 10, 2013

October 3, 2013

Frankly I can believe it either that ill be home in less than 2 months.....can I stay just one more transfer?   Even wanting to I can’t because of the visa but I can’t wait to hear about Michael!   Onto my week...a few random stories for the week, on Sunday we had bbq baby back ribs and it was probably the GREASTEST thing I have yet to eat here.  Then on Tuesday we took p-day and went the Bantã institute which had 3 little museums, one of microbiology, one of snakes and another or some other thing that we never found.  We went with some members and then after that we hit up some arcade place to waste time because we were planning on going to the crime museum too which sounded actually super sick but well turns out it is closed and the police department just is too lazy to tell anyone or to bother putting that on the internet so that didn’t end up going through so then we ate some lunch and back to the office, not a bad day!  It’s nice to just get out of the office for a while even though there is always a nice little mess for us to resolve whenever we get back.  That night we had 3 young men get their mission calls so there was a little party at one of their houses and we hit that up and well they are all going to stay here in Brazil!   One is going to Recife, another to Natal and the last one to Salvador. All 3 missions are SUPER hot so they will all be coming back nice and burnt but I’m excited for the 3 of them!   They leave the first week of January, it was kind of super weird seeing them opening up the callings though because I flashed back to when I opened mine and just all the emotions and well it’s CRAZY to think that I’m already almost done.  But well before I get all choked up... they are all going to do a great job and I can’t wait until Michael gets his call.   Well to be completely honest that is kind of it for the week.... I guess it wasn’t as eventful as I thought.  We have transfers on Tuesday and 27 new missionaries are going to be showing up and none are leaving so here we go! We’ve been hunting down houses and getting all the phones ready to go so let’s hope everything all works out!  But well I love you all. Thanks for all that you do for me! See you soon.

Elder Gubler

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