Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 15, 2013

It’s starting to really settle in now; everyone is making me super trunky not going to lie; members, other missionaries, everyone in my group, yeah it’s almost officially over and well I may be slightly freaking out.  Still no sign of trinkets to get for everyone.  I’ve been searching long and far but NO success so far so don’t expect much. Hopefully just me with my trashed shoes, stained shirt and SICK tie will be enough but well so I’m pretty sure I emailed last week before the wedding and baptism of _____ and _____ and so some details about that, it was super sick!! I really just love that family more than anything and I really is just going to stink to have to say goodbye to everyone.  Most people I’ll be able to stay in contact with through Facebook and Skype and stuff but they are super humble and down to earth and don’t use Facebook so I’m just going to have to stick to the letters I guess.  But so they got married on Saturday morning and me and my comp were the testimonies during the wedding so that was exciting because I got to sign tons of legit paperwork.  Then later that night we had the baptism after the ward Relief Society did where they taught how to make homemade bread! Super sick by the way but so after that we had the baptism and a irmã in the ward made a super sick wedding cake for them too so they were re-born and then we all enjoyed some fresh cooked break and cake :) Pretty grrrrreat day if I don’t say so myself! For this Sunday we are hoping to baptize _____ who is _____ cousin and his is a super sick kid! I gave some dress clothes for this baptism but well nothing fit him because he's alittle short but well it all fit _____ and the guy is now going to be looking like a boss!  Besides that we went to Parque Ibirapueira this morning with some members which is the biggest park in São Paulo and well we just kind of cruised around on bikes and drank coconut juice and hit up some museums there and then got some pastels and caldo de cana from a street fair (I’m trying to just sock up all the Brazilian stuff I can these day) and then bought a massive tug of açaí the fruit ice cream stuff that I LOVE and well here I am, having MAJOR stomach pains and writing y’all. But so yeah, I’m calling it there. You’ll get plenty more stories in 12 days........ but who is counting right? Love you all more than anything, the Church is true and I LOVE being a missionary.

Elder Gubler

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