Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

First off, this Sunday = BAPTISM BABY!  We finally broke the little drought that we were passing through! _____ is the Mom of some recent converts is gonna get baptized this Sunday and well if you knew her, you would know how big of a miracle this is! When her kids got baptized she didn’t want anything to do with the church, as in NOTHING... but well when the Spirit touches, oh does he touch, she has been coming to church for a solid five weeks now and accepted baptism for this week! No one in the Ward believes it but I am so happy for her! From here on out, were gonna change this Ward! The new Bishop and our new LMA (ward mission leader) are both super pumped for the work and even though there are still plenty of people that don’t understand what it means to be a member of the Church but we had some great meetings with the Bishop and the LMA and then the LMA and ward missionaries and its GAME TIME ladies and gentlemen!  But I’m really scared that it’s going to be like Bertioga again.... I work my butt off for four months, whip the ward into shape and we start getting referrals and baptizing and then I get transferred...after ____ there are still six people that I want to baptize here before I leave so I’m hoping the Lord will let me stay here for at least one more transfer! :) But story time, so one day we were knocking doors and we got to the end of the street and didn’t knock three doors but we realized what time it was and we had another appointment that was SUPER important so as we are leaving Elder ____ says that he wants to knock a certain house the next day so flashing forward to the next day, we ended up doing a surprise service project and painting a members house which took some time, the time that I was planning on using to go knock the door that he felt like we should knock... flashing forward to that night, we had an FHE with a less active family that wanted us to teach one of their friends so we go to pick the kid up and well, where does he live? The exact house that my companion said we needed to knock. WOW. We truly can’t do anything without the Spirit. It’s him that finds the elects not us and the kid is 100% elect. He accepted baptism and we ended up teaching his brother and his grandma who also accepted baptism! I love this mission! Feeling as though the Lord is really using you as a tool in his hands is something indescribable!  Well that’s it for the week! I love you all more than anything! I’m so grateful for all that everything has done to help me be the person I am today, for the wonderful examples of all of and all that you do to support me on the mission! I love this mission and I can’t say that enough. This Church really is the Church of Christ because that is the only way that this could happen. One more time, I love you all! Read your scriptures, say your prayers and keep the letters and emails coming!

Com amor e gratidão,


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