Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Monday, February 25, 2013

February 11, 2013

This week was another super hard one for us.  I don’t know why EVERYTHING keeps falling but it does but this week is gonna be SICK!  There is no way I’m gonna let be like this past week. We did find some pretty solid people this week but it’s one thing to find solid people and another to find the ELECTS that are actually willing to follow the answers that they get. So that is what we need, the ELECTS!  But crazy story, This last week we have Nova Força which is a meeting for all the newbies when you show up in the mission and well we had it on the 7th and well exactly one year ago I showed up in the mission field...... it’s already been 14 freaking months.....WOOOOOWWWWWW. That means I’ve got less that 9 months :(.  I do officially know the day for sure that I’ll be coming home if you want to start getting the festivities ready..... 20th of November, before Thanksgiving baby!  On Friday and Saturday I was essentially not even in my area at all.  That is definitely the hardest thing about being DL because I’ve got to keep track of not just my ward and my investigators but two other areas as well.  On Friday I did a division with Elder ____ in his area Batistini and it was a pretty solid day and by the sounds of it, it was a good day to not be in my area because ONE appointment worked out during the day and it was raining like nobody’s business so the streets got flooded with the sewer water mixed with the rain water.  I don’t know if I’ve told you but sewers here are just like rivers along the side of the road so that’s cool. But while I was with Elder ____ I did two baptismal interviews which are amazing! One of them took FOREVER though because I feel like everyone always attempts to show up during the interviews haha either way I LOVE baptismal interviews because that is when I feel most guided and inspired. It’s hard to even remember what I said in the interviews because frankly it’s not me that talking. One thing that Elder Bednar said when we had the conference with him that I loved was "talking isn’t teaching" because it isn’t. If the Spirit isn’t there, NOTHINGS gonna happen because frankly we as missionaries can’t do anything without him. We are just humble simple tools in the hands of the Lord. You can sit there are talk someone ears off for an hour and a half but you could have not taught them anything. But then on Saturday we did another division but with my other area in my district. I went to Elder ____ area: ____ and well I ended up doing four interviews so that was a tad bit tiring especially because we walked all over the place too.... 23,000 steps and then that night we had a lesson with ____ and ____ and it was just your average lesson but after ____ wanted to talk to me alone so we chatted for an hour de boa and well to make a long story short, it was super spiritual because he got everything out and told me WHY he doesn’t feel ready for baptism and he may have been crying pretty hard but now I know the problem and I just want to say that he is one of the most amazing investigators I’ve ever taught! I have never met someone who truly understands baptism so well and who truly wants to this for the right reasons at the right time. Then we had a SICK BBQ Brazilian style and it was phenomenal and we know broke the ice and got the friendship with this non member husband of a girl in our ward and turns out the guy is super chill and he has his own store here so we talked about how he pulled it off and now I’ve got some contacts and I can totally pull it off.  But well that’s it for the week!  Tomorrow is transfers but luckily no one is leaving from my District which rocks because I LOVE everyone here but I love you all too! I loved the emails but letters would be much better because I don’t have much time to write emails.... read your scriptures, say your prayers and write me :)

amo voces,


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