Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Friday, March 8, 2013

March 4, 2013

First off, before I forget to tell you all, I assume you haven’t read the church news recently but if you have, then you’d know that they are making 59 new missions, 7 of which are in Brazil and well 2 of the new missions are Missão Santos and Missão São Paulo Oeste (west) and well GET THIS, they are gonna split up our mission to make two separate missions! The smallest mission in the world is gonna go cut in half! It’s getting CLOSE folks so President and Sister Tanner are gonna say in Sao Paulo or in the west mission which is gonna have the ABC (3 big cities off of São Paulo, Santo André, São Bernardo and São Cateano) and the south-western part of Sao Paulo and they are gonna make Baixada Santista (beach area of Sao Paulo) a different freaking mission! I’m still not sure how they will have 200+ missionaries in Baixada, they’re gonna have to make Bertioga like 3 areas and gonna have to open up tons of new areas! But then a new Mission President is gonna come and open up this other mission and they are gonna split up our mission and put half there or at least I’m assuming that’s how its gonna be.  And all this madness is gonna go down on July 1st so I’ll potentially have my last 4 months on my mish opening up a new mission, SICK right? I hope I go back to Bertioga so that is probably the biggest news for the week but coming in at a close second, would have to be our MIRACLE BAPTISM that we had yesterday WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  We are finally getting some success in the area right now because we are gonna have another baptism on Saturday too.  But let’s not get too ahead of myself, about Sunday! It was unreal. I was the one that baptized ____ who just to give a reminder, hated the church when her kid got baptized but after the spirit did some MAJOR work through a couple missionaries, JÁ ERA! ;) so we had the baptism right after church so there was still a tons of people there and we had 5 investigators that all stayed too to watch and good thing because it was super spiritual even though the baptismal font leaked out some water so it was SUPER low and its took 3 times for me to get her all the way under.  I don’t know why this stuff only happens to me but well it just makes it that much memorable!  Then this Saturday, ____ is gonna be baptized too and he is 100% elect!  He went to seminary this whole week and is beyond excited for this baptism so am I and the other 2 companionships baptized on Saturday so the whole district got baptisms this week!  HECK YEAH BABY, GH DE MAIS ;) . I love the mission, I love you all, I love this church and I know that this is truly God's church, HIS. Oh yeah that reminds me, I preached in another "church" this week.  It wasn’t like a legit church but we went there with a couple that we are teaching and it was like this guys garage with like 11 people and that was the church but I preached for a while and almost taught the first lesson (i.e. Joseph Smith and the first vision) but the spirit wouldn’t let me dangit but either way it was actually a really cool meeting, I enjoyed it. That’s my last story so I’m out. Remember to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and write me :) oh and ps this church is perfect.

beijinhos e um abrção,


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