Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 7, 2013

So if you don’t know or have forgotten, I’m TRAINING!!!! WOOOOO.  My beloved son is Elder ____ and he is from Rio Grande do Sul, he is 19, he was born in the church and he is a little shy.  With me he talks just fine but whenever we get in a lesson or at a members house he stays pretty much in his shell which is normal for the first week of your mission because you essentially just feel lost for 24/7 but I’m trying to make sure he always knows what we are doing, where we are going, who we are gonna teach and all that good stuff but about the teaching real fast! I essentially teach alone which I don’t want to do because its practicing with real people when you REALLY learn so he always throws his testimony in there and as of now since we practiced and studied together like CRAZY this week he knows all the main points of the first lesson, now I’ve just gotta get him to talk more about the points but we are getting there and already in this first week we has improved a TON.  Here in two weeks I think he'll improve another 200% so that’s what I think is gonna be the coolest thing about training, seeing my cute little son grow in the gospel and in his teaching.  We had some really good lessons this week and now that my comp doesn’t really know how normal lessons go its helping me trying and make sure that EVERY lesson is super spiritual and I really teaching everything in a super clear way so that the investigator and my companion can both learn. This training is helping me and my teaching as well. After a year you know everything that you "should" do in a lesson but sometimes we get in the habit of just teaching lessons instead of people or relying more on yourself that the spirit so it’s helping me keep myself in check as well and frankly I’m just lovin it! It’s a lot more work because I’ve still got my district to take care of and now I’ve gotta a baby on the mission too but I really am loving and as far as I know, he is too! It’s funny though because I am literally teaching him EVERYTHING to do with a mission; how to tie a tie, use a washer machine, how iron clothes, etc.

I put our first pic together, one of all the newbies and trainer and one of me eating jaca mole this week which was my first time and it was pretty sick, as in good.  It felt like you were eating slimy bananas but só vai because it tasted really good! We are hoping to get ____ and ____ ____ in some water ASAP so I’ll keep you posted on them! If everything works out, within the next couple weeks, we'll have Elder ____ first baptism in his mission, good memories.  I love you all and thanks for everything! Read your scrips, say your prayers, and write me letters :)


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