Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 21, 2013


I would LOVE some snow so if you want to switch places that sounds good to me.  All is does here is rain every day and it still manages to be hot so you get soaked from the rain and sweat due to the heat.  But I feel like I’ve already said this but tomorrow we get to hear ELDER BEDNAR, yes the Apostle. Pretty much President and Sister Tanner are just the greatest so all the apostles just want to visit our mission and this will be the forth that I’ve seen which is kind of EXTREMELY rare in Brazil :)

But a little about my week! First off my beloved son Elder ____ has officially "opened up" and the kid is insane!  It’s pretty funny because I thought he was gonna be super quiet and stuff like that but well now that he has fully let himself come out, shy is definitely not the right word to use so that has been pretty fun/interesting. But this week was freaking SICK for us! We found TONS of new people and well almost everyone accepted baptism and we are finally getting some divisions with members and we got a new LMA this Sunday so its game time baby!!!! I will be a little pissed if I get transferred again though because once I whipped the Bertioga ward into shape and we started finding the elects I got transferred.... and now I’m whipping this area into shape and I have a feeling that I may get transferred this next one.....UGH!  Let’s hope that I can stay to actually reap the fruits that I planted if I had time I would tell you all about the people we found this week because they are all amazing but well unfortunately an hour on the computer wouldn’t allow that so I few highlights, the package I’m gonna send home is almost ready! It’s SUPER MEGA heavy so I’ll probably end up dropping some major cash but it’s necessary because my suitcases won’t be able to handle all my stuff for another transfer.  But don’t get too excited because there really isn’t anything too cool in the package, just p-day clothes that I can’t use anymore, a few books, etc.  I didn’t have enough money to get everyone soccer jerseys when we went to 25 de Março and you don’t accept credit cards there so I’ll make sure that I come home with jerseys for everyone but be patient! A few funny stories of this week though, Elder ____ got kissed by some girl because that’s how everyone compliments everyone here and it was pretty funny!  He turned like bright red but well I just kind of kept on teaching and tried not to laugh haha.  Oh I’m learning Korean! I totally know how to write my name now and everything.  Someone told us a story about some famous UFC fighter that is winning like crazy and so in some interview they asked "where is his strength coming from" or something like that and apparently he showed a Book of Mormon and said how his strength comes from that book and he talked about the missionaries and man I just LOVE this mission! I’ll see if I can find some famous people to baptize too.  We had a lunch this week that didn’t have beans or rice, the first time I haven’t eaten beans and rice with lunch in over a year.....weird. It was killer good lasagna but without my beans something just didn’t feel right! But well since I don’t have time to talk about all the people we found and the people we are teaching, that is kinda it for the week! ____ has his baptism marked for this Sunday but I’m not sure if it will go down because he still "doesn’t feel ready" but he is MORE than ready and I love the guy so a couple more power lessons and we should be good to go for this Sunday but keep your fingers (or I guess I should say arms) crossed.  But well I love you all! Thanks for all the support, I know this church is true and this is EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be! Read your scrips, say your prayers and write me letters! :)

com amor,

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