Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 24, 2012

It has been raining like CRAZY for the past two and half weeks, it still manages to be absurdly hot... the weather here is almost as temperamental as Utah’s, except when it rains here the rain drops are like as big as my eyeballs and the thunder and lightning is insane too! The power goes out every other day and get this the CTM got struck by lightning on the power rod! Great right? I just realized you’re probably all panicked now but I really am more than fine! I love this work, the language is really starting to come and I know I’ve got God on my side. I read the story of Helaman and the 2000 Stripling Warriors a couple days ago and I realized that I may get hurt or injured a little by not learning the language right off the bat but the Lord will not let me anything happen to me. This is His work and I’m so glad I get to do it!  I hope the ward is all doing well and it’s crazy to think that Quentin will be home in like what 6 months or so?? That 6 month wait just about killed me... ha but anyways this week I have gotten into studying the Book of Mormon so much!! That book is like my best friend now and is my outlet and escape from studying Portuguese all day! I have never been this into reading the Book of Mormon in my life and I love it! I feel like I have been missing out on so much for 19 years of my life because you can literally apply anything to us in the modern days! It really is the word of God and I’m in love. I made my own little time line of who had the plates and at what time and all this stuff and have been looking up talks and all this stuff (We get lab time every day and when I’m writing this emails I’m in a lab in the CTM not an internet cafe in the streets of Sao Paulo ha-ha.  It’s not that bad down here ;)) but if you find any good study material or talks I would love it if you sent it to me! But remember if you do decide to send me anything please send it to the Mission Home address in the last email I sent you! :) I am really missing Grandpas Book of Mormon Study books right now!

Oh and more mega exciting news! Elder Neil A Anderson and Elder Ballard are both coming to the CTM tomorrow!!!! :) WOOOO! You’re never supposed to get to see General Authorities when you are in Brazil but we get two in one sitting! We essentially get to listen to them for as long as they want to talk tomorrow and I am extremely excited! :) More exciting news is in our TRC (it’s like a practice teaching thing with Brazilian members who pretend to be investigators) but me and Elder Bodily nailed it this week. The language really is coming! My knowledge outside of Gospel related topics still needs some improvement but we will get there and if God has helped me this much I can only imagine what else is in store the rest of my mission! Also next Monday we get to go out and proselyte in the streets of Brazil! Each companionship gets four Books of Mormon to hand out and I’m extremely excited but also nervous! It’s a whole other ball game outside of our little shelter where everyone talks nice and slow in the CTM ha-ha but we will get there!

That is essentially it for this week and hopefully I made up for last week’s because it was written way bad and was kind of short but remember I love you and you are in my prayers every day! I love this gospel, the people of Brazil and my district!

Oh and I’ve got some homework for you too!  Read ALMA 60:6... I need me some letters!! :)

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