Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 17, 2012

This week overall was pretty great! im still waiting on the watch and your letter but they will probably be here tonight or tomorrow so we should be good there and great news! we had our first "baptismal commitment"!! our "investigator" who is actually our teacher accepted baptism and is going to be baptised on the "29th of January"! pretty exciting right?? especially since they play the investigator role pretty tough so we had to work for it but i just cant wait to get out into the field cuz if a fake baptism commitment from a fake investigator feels this good then i cant imagine how amazing it will feel when you really bring a family unto Christ and His Church. This work is not easy at all but i realized im not doing this for me im doing this for the people of Brasil and if i put in the effort than God will cover the rest. The language will come, the leadership skillls will continue to grow and exact obedience will get easier. He has a plan and it´s our job to bring people into His perfect plan.
On another crazy note you will never guess who i met this week in the CTM. Nate Jeese. As in the Jeese's that grew up and sugarhouse!! it was asbsolutely insane cuz i had seen him a couple of time cuz he just came from prove for three weeks and got here as of last wednesday but didnt recognize him but as soon as he said his first name was Nate cuz the whole only last name thing makes it really hard to feel like you know people on a personal basis. that is one of the things i miss the most is my first name. haha jk but yeah we were talking and it was insane! he is serving in Santa Maria and it reminds me when is Oliver gonna get his call?? cuz im gonna want to hear as soon as he gets his calll!
PS i dont have time to email dad this week cuz im out of time....:( but can you please mail me my line of authority and Dads ancestory? cuz that would be really nice to have :)
i love you all and remember that youre in my prayers every singe day. I hope michael is doing ok and carly can get those grades up. I hope everyone is doing ok and dont worry about me cuz im doing great! i love this work and the opportunity i have to serve for the Lord. and i do kind of miss the personal emails from the kids and letters would be nice too so i mean i definitely wouldnt mind that ;) eu amo todos vocĂȘs.
Seus Filho, Elder Gubler. 

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