Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 21, 2012

-so I realized Monday that I know my verb conjugations pretty well and grammar and that stuff but my vocab kind of sucks so I printed out the 1000 most important verbs in Portuguese and I’ve been studying that thing up so let’s hope that will help because for some odd reason it had a little break down on Monday about Portuguese.  The language is hard but we’re getting there and the harder something is the more rewarding it is when you pull it off so I will be "patiently" awaiting that day. 
-also I printed out those stories you sent me in the CTM so I could finally read them and just out of curiosity I translated them with Google translate to see how off it would be and well that program doesn’t really know grammar so me and my comp are gonna work on translating it correctly so I can use them in my little lessons and thoughts with members.

- We had district meeting and we did a nice little tie trade and that is what the mission is all about , that’s how I’ve got a different shirt and tie on in almost every pic because we love to trade.
- We did some service for a ward member after lunch and that was fun. We used a pulley thing to lift and dump sand and bricks onto his roof.
- And the most important story of the day, we had an split with young men from the ward. We got a pizza that night and well half of it was all these meats and I think clam (MEGA salty and pretty gross) but the other half was the cheesy chicken one we got last time and I certainly enjoyed it.

- FINALLY our money fell on Wednesday and it was about time because I was sick of eating crackers and butter for dinner ha but we may have gone grocery crazy and I dropped 45 reis on groceries but good news I’ve still got a TON of food so it was a good call because I don’t have to go shopping again and we had a split with our old bishop, and visited an investigator and talked about her goals to stop smoking and all that good stuff! I really want to baptize that family because I can see them really changing, we’ve just got to get the coffee and cigs totally gone and then we should be good. 

- A young man in our ward that got his mission call a while ago and is going to Brasilia spent most of the day with us to see how the mission is really like so that was pretty great and we got some solid lessons with members.
-Also I know this isn’t big for you all but the funk, that annoying really bad Brazilian music is always playing on the streets and its amazingly annoying so when I hear English music it’s like a tender mercy and well I heard dubstep in a car that was passing by and well I’m just glad about the tender mercies of the mission.
- And then there is English class... this is quite the story so buckle up! but we teach English class at nights on Thursdays and I always leave the front door open so welcome people in a stuff but now I’m a little nervous too because well I’m talking about verbs or something like that and this guy that is BEYOND drunk stubbles in and well let’s just say it was mega interesting because I could obviously hardly understand him because he was slurring everything so bad so he was mega drunk he called everyone there the N word a LOT, he kissed my hand a LOT and kept saying how beautiful I was, he smelt AWFUL and well it was essentially quite the experience.  I finally got the courage to touch him and just kind of escorted him out of the church and shut the door. Gotta love those drunks.

- I found out I’m not 170 so that’s 20 pounds I’ve gained since being in the field and becoming fat is becoming a serious worry.....
- Also saw a crazy bad motorcycle accident... we went to the church to use the bathroom and when we came out there was a HUGE crowd of people in the road and well come to find out two motorcycles crashed into each other and it was terrible.  One of the guys wasn’t too bad, he was just lying there but the other was all cut up and they both were pretty bloody but I realized that as a missionary I couldn’t do anything because if something happened to him it would come down on the church so I just kind of told people to hold the guy down because he kept on trying to get up and well it was just pretty sketchy.... but the ambulance finally showed up and there was nothing I could do with all my amazing lifeguard skills so we left to use our soul saving skills ;)

- I had a sneeze fest.  We are talking 25+ times in a row and it was wretched. I almost died.
- We also we took an investigators pack of cigs to help her with her goal.  It felt a little weird knowing my comp had cigs in his backpack. 
- Also had a FHE at our ward mission leaders house and it was solid but a few people came so that was kind of a shame except for the fact that it means more sandwiches and cake for the fat kid i.e. ME.

- Church was solid, we talked about baptism in our principles of the gospel class and well got the sister of  to mark for baptism this next week so I am PUMPED for that
- Also I found a shock pen I think on Friday and I put it to the test on Sunday because everyone is always asking to borrow my pen and well it was a hit and I decided that will be my goodbye present for young man when he is off to the CTM :) I will miss the little guy because it was absolutely hilarious but he can put it to much better use there!

Well after all that it bring us to TODAY which was quite the day.  We had a district P-day all together and played basketball, card games, weird EFY games that were pretty fun and kicked the soccer ball around a lot, oh and capture the flag!  Pretty solid day but man the mission does a number on you because I feel like I’m gonna die I’m so tired!  I may have ate it during capture the flag, I get a little competitive but it was a solid day.

com amor, ELDER GUBLER

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