Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 14, 2012

Since it was my 5 months on the mission we bought a pizza and it was my first one in the field and it was pretty solid!  The pizza in the CTM was pretty gross but turns out that real Brazilian pizza is pretty solid.  I made my little special invites "convites especias" for English class and church and I’m pretty proud of those little guys and we had a solid 7 new people in English this week and I’m even more recognized as the free English teacher so we are getting there!  Onto Tuesday, it was kind of a rough day but we did talk to a few less actives and recent converts.
Wednesday:  sadly Wednesday was another tough day with connecting appointments but it was a day marking with people so that was solid! We filled up every single hour of Friday so that was pretty sick.

Thursday:  On Mother’s day you got a nice little sample of my companions’ magic!  It’s solid the first time you see it but if you see it more than once it’s pretty easy to figure out how he does it so essentially I know how he does all of this magic but Thursday he pulled out a new one that was absolutely crazy!  I don’t want to take forever talking about it but he asked four questions, one for each person: think of a number 1-1,000,000; an object in the room; a color; and think of either a car or a bus and he wrote his "guesses" on a piece of paper and had someone hold in their hand while we wrote our answers on paper too and well I have no freaking idea how but he got all 4 things right!  Another highlight for the day is English class!  I’m starting to get the handle of this solo teaching thing!  I just did the basic stuff like the ABCs and they wanted to know happy birthday so we did that and some grammar but the little outlines I’m using is helping a ton!  Soon I’ll be an English teaching pro and maybe I can get my comp fluent too. 

Friday was quite the day!  We finally had district meeting but well we took the wrong bus in the morning and ended up going to terminal and it was just a tad bit stressful because we ended up being a solid 30 minutes late.  In district meeting was when I got the packages which rocked Tara and the letter from Carly with the pics so thank you again!  After district meeting we had the full day marked!  Every single hour but sadly only 3 lessons went through so we only got 50% of the stuff that we marked... welcome to Inamar! It’s not hard to mark with people but to actually find them home the second time is nearly impossible!  We also had another lesson with a recent convert and his family where we talked about the plan of salvation and out lesson turned into a discussion of deep doctrine so that was mega fun but they all seem to believe everything but baptism is a big step so patience I think is gonna be the key!

Saturday:  We had the new 7 people so I taught some new stuff and it was pretty solid!  I got some free cologne from a member once again, gotta love being American, and well we had some lessons and a the person in our ward who is going on the mission had a little party at the ward but we couldn’t be there to see all of it so that kind of sucks but he is leaving next week and this week he is gonna spend a whole day with us!   From 9 in the morning until 9 at night so I’m pumped for that!  I love you all more than anything and I already can’t wait until Christmas so I can see you all again! try not to forget about me, remember who you are and I’ll talk to you next week!  You are always in my heart and in my prayers.

com todo de meu coraçao,

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