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Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 19, 2012

Querida Familía,
I feel millions better than last week but frankly I don’t know that I could feel much worse... last P day was one that I really I do not have to repeat haha.... and bad news ever since then I don’t really trust food anymore so needless to say I’m not gaining weight anymore.  I’m sure you’re all devastated but on the plus side we just slept ALL day. As soon as we got home after emailing which was the only we left the house, it was straight to bed but things definitely got better after that! Tuesday was still a little sketchy but we held it together and had too much going on to be sick so we pressed forward! We had District Meeting for the last time for the transfer and I decided I’m gonna miss a ton of people during the mish because really I haven’t come across anyone I sincerely didn’t like so you get attached to people but we found out who is staying and who is going last night and by the sounds of it they are changing up areas and districts and stuff but that’s good because the boundaries are awful here. We have people that like a block away from another church in Eldorado but they are "in our area" so they have to walk to all the way up to Inamar which is all up hill to come to church. Kind of a pain and needless to say we haven’t gotten him to come to church yet ha but good news I’m staying here in amazing Inamar and Elder Pedersen is staying my trainer! We were kind of nervous about that and I really am mega glad he is staying because I still don’t know our area yet and I don’t know our Ward well enough to know who is who for lunches but we may have had a little celebration this morning and made the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever made! We finally got a blender that is a disgusting mess and I’ve been going shake crazy because the fruit down here is too amazing to not eat it right up! But listen to this, I’m pretty proud of it so I may brag a little bit but it was mango, strawberry, banana which sounds kind of gross I know but it was phenomenal I tell you! Looks like I’ll be opening up my own little Jamba Juice in two years :) and we bought french fries and finally gas so I can actually cook things! Needless to say, on the mish you take every opportunity you can to celebrate. But some more big news for Tuesday was that Jecika one of our Investigators, who is the niece of our first counselor, said that she now KNOWS the church is true and realistically we didn’t do that much so it really was amazing to see the Lords hands working on her because she explained to us why and how she came to know that it was true and it started with the wedding last Saturday when she loved that and we gave her daughter, she is 20 and has a 3 year old daughter Edwarda who is freaking adorable, but we gave her a blessing because she was sick and right immediately after she was a ton better. Then on Sunday she came to church and it just so happened that in Relief Society or Soc Soc here, they talked about the priesthood so she better understood the blessing we gave her daughter and then Monday she realized that the Book of Mormon is true and it really does have the words of God. That’s what I call a weekend right there and the most amazing thing was, was we were just teaching her to teach her because she has been taught her entire life by missionaries and has been around members her entire life because most of her aunts and uncles are members but for some reason now, this time, everything clicked. It all made sense and we had just been doing our job. Nothing extra, teaching about the Church and the Book of Mormon and helping where we can with blessings and the Lord did the rest. Really this isn’t my mission, it's the Lord's. I realize that more and more every day. But now onto the rest of the week.

Not much out of the ordinary happened on Wednesday, taught some lessons and saved some souls the usual but it was Elder Pedersen's 6 month mark so he tried to burn a tie and it was an epic fail but pretty entertaining.  Onto Thursday, we had Nova Força on Thursday so we went to São Judas and saw all of the other missionaries that arrived in the field when I did so that was way cool to be able to see and talk to my district again! :) They were the greatest and I kind of totally spaced who went where so that was cool to be able to talk about our own little areas because by the sounds of it the São Paulo, ABC, and Baixada areas are all completely different so that will be cool to be able to sample some other places but I love Inamar so for now I want to stay here :) I also I realized I actually am learning Portuguese! I was one of the few from our group that got an American trainer so that was a little worrying that my Portuguese would be way far behind but by the looks of it I’m keeping up and I am learning stuff! It’s funny how you never feel like you’re learning but in reality I’m holding my own! Yesterday we were talking with Jecika and her family about transfers because everyone was kind of panicking that Elder Pedersen was gonna leave but they said that at this point for him, one transfer in the field, my Portuguese is a little farther along than his and I don’t want to toot my own horn and don’t any ideas that I’ll be fluent by 4 and half months but there is still hope for me!! 

Friday we had a baptismal interview to do in Taboão and it’s kind of far away so we kind of spent like the whole day but the interview apparently took forever but it was an interesting day.  Me and Elder Newsom went to go do contacts because we set a District goal of actually getting 140 for the week which is the missions goal but realistically that is almost Impossible to get but while me and Newsom were out on the street, we saw a kid peeing, just flat out doing his thing. And once again I realized that I am learning things because there is no wrong way to do a street contact but ours is just a tad bit more direct and that’s another point of the splits with other missionaries to teach and learn more things but essentially the entrevista took all day so not much went down. Onto Saturday where again not that much out of the ordinary went down. Just your average day but Elder Pedersen did get asked to give a talk for Sunday so be grateful for our heads up in the US because he was a little stressed about that and thank heavens my Portuguese still sucks too much so the Bishop wouldn’t dare ask me to give a talk, but he did a good job! Especially for it being in Portuguese, not having any time to prepare, and for lack of a better way to put it Brazilians aren’t reverent at all haha people were just kind of talking the whole time so he had to talk over everyone but it went pretty solid. We only had three people show up to church, so that is kind of really annoying because we can’t count people as "progressing" until they come to church and it is soooooo hard to actually get people to come. We spent like half of our phone credits calling everyone that morning and still nothing... but we’ll get there. Anyways the bulk of Sunday consisted of making contacts. Up until this point we only had 68 contacts for the week and we really wanted that 140 so we worked or butts off! Right after Church before lunch we went on splits to do contacts and got a solid 30 and a couple lessons but really after lunch we spent so much time talking to people. All but one of our appointments fell and I think that was the only time I have ever been ok that an appointment fell because we had so much to do! But believe it or not, after 76 contacts for the day, we got the 140 and I am nice and proud of it baby!!! :)  I don’t think that I will ever get that many contacts in a day ever again either. I at least hope not but there is my run down for the week so I hope you enjoyed it! I’m getting mega fast a typing as you can probably tell :) but I love you all and keep the emails coming :) 

Com todo meu coração, ELDER GUBLER 

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