Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 12, 2012

So this week was nice and interesting, I don’t even know where to start.... let’s go with Wednesday, the 3 month mark in the mish! Is that weird that I’ve already been out for 3 months?? Because that feels kind of really weird if you ask me... that means I’m already 1/8th of the way done, not that I’m counting down though because I really love it here! This past month in the field has been one of the hardest months ever but it has also been the most rewarding month ever. The things I’ve learned, I really will never forget and I’ve only been out for a month so I can’t imagine what it will be like when I’ve only got a month left. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, onto Wednesday. Wednesday was one of those days when we had so much stuff marked to do but you don’t get any of it done... there was a leadership training thing that Elder Pedersen went to so I went on a split with Elder J Santos and Clingman the other comps of DLs and well our day was quite interesting. First off we took the wrong bus and ended up in some jungle town but really I love getting lost in Brazil because then I get a little more of a sample of what this place is like and I decided it’s just straight up insane!!  But after we got un lost and finally got to their apartment, the place was huge! It was Eldorado and Vila Paulina that lived together and wow the more apartments I got to, the more I realize how much ours sucks.  But Elder J Santos had a few appointments marked for the morning but someone in their ward ran away so instead we spent all morning looking for someone who ran away and then had to walk all the way to our area for lunch and by the time we finished eating it was already time to go back to terminal and wait for Elder Pedersen and them to show up...but apparently their bus took forever showing up so we got to wait 2 hours and terminal for them to show up.  When they finally showed up we had a lesson marked for that night and dinner with a member but when we got to the apartment, Elder Pedersen realized he didn’t have the phone and they are R$ 50 if you lose it and we are absolutely broke so needless to say the hunt and prayers began!  We used our tenants phone and just called the things like 10 times but no response so we figured the only thing we could really do was wait for the bus to finish its route and hope that no one had stolen in by that time.... so we waited and after stopping 3 buses we decided on waiting for one more to check and when it showed up we searched the thing but no sign of it and then right when we were about to get off and search for R$50 to pay for a new one, some guy was like hey its right here and there it was pinned between the seat and the wall of the bus! QUE SORTE! :) Essentially the purpose of this story is that prayers are answered, even about the little stuff and that was essentially it for Wednesday.  On to a few more highlights for the week but this email may be a little short because Elder Pedersen and I are both sick right now... I forgot how bad it sucks to throw up seeing as it happened like 4 times last night and after that I’m not sure how I feel about the food here anymore hahah, just kidding I still love it :) but a few more highlights!

So Saturday our 1st counselor got married and oh that was quite the adventure but we spent all night on Friday helping him set everything up and he wanted us to come on Saturday so we got permission from the Pres and crashed the wedding! They had a mock ceremony if you will in the chapel because most of their family isn’t members and that was why were there!  We ate some delicious food and cake and more importantly made some contacts and got some news :) 

On to yesterday! So as you know Natani got baptized last week and was going to get confirmed this week by her boyfriend again but he could make it to church for some reason so Elder Pedersen confirmed her and oh it was cool! :) The language is still coming and frankly I’m glad I didn’t have to do it ha but wow I just love this work! We brought some investigators to church so that went was pretty good because we can never get anyone to come to church with us and if they don’t come to church, they can’t be considered progressing so needless to say on paper we don’t have that many 'progressing' investigators and on a sad note we had a ton of people fall this week.  Quezia and Caroline who both came to church with us, after said they didn’t like it at all and they like their church more.  Jennifer one of eternal investigators got kicked because she stopped progressing and Ana Lucia the Mom I was telling you about last week, that came to the noite familiar (FHE)... yeah she told us not to come back anymore.  But with her we are 90% sure it’s just her husband because she really likes us and has always been pretty interested so well give her some time and space and then see if we can get her to come back but needless to say we will be knocking/ clapping plenty of doors this week to find some new people but realistically I think that’s it for this week! Sorry it was a little small, but I’m not feeling too hot so back to bed....

I love you all and think of you every day! Try not to have too much fun without me ;) 

Com todo de minha amor, Elder Gubler

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