Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 16, 2012

Tuesday not much happened on Tuesday, we had our District meeting as usual and as I’m sure you’re starting to catch on…we saved some souls.  It also marked 9 weeks in the field so that is kind of crazy to think about that because that is how long I was in the CTM and it went by much faster in the field!  The CTM kind of dragged on a little bit but essentially when I think of time in the field it is flying by but sometimes the days seems to crawl by which gets rough at times but the weeks overall are faster and months are mega fast but really not that much happened on Tuesday.

Wednesday was the start of the interesting stuff for the week! We had our first atheist contact which was really weird and I still have no idea how you could just not believe in God. Open your eyes and look around.  We didn’t come from monkey and this world isn’t an accident but this guy thought that because life it hard that means there is no God but we tried.  I realized that he just had a sad depressing way of looking at things but anyways on a positive note we talked to our investigators parents again and because they had to approve his baptism for it to happen because he is only 14 but it worked! He said he really wanted to be baptized and flashing forward to Sunday when I was talking to him at church he was pumped so that was really cool :) I bought a churro from a street vendor for the first time and wow was the thing the most delicious I’ve had yet? YES! Oh Brazilian deserts, wow.  It was filled with chocolate and then had a line of chocolate on the outside with sprinkles and I love this place but there is my food tangent for the week.  Those seem to be happening quite a bit.  

Thursday was another day that not much went down.  We found a crappy dresser thing on the side of the road but it was actually in pretty good condition so we took it back to the house, cleaned it up and we are now using it.  Gotta love having a crappy house baby but its just to hold all of our books and pamphlets and stuff so don’t worry it’s not like a clothes dresser or anything like that.  I just can’t wait until we find a house and we get to move!  Our investigator decided he wants Elder Peterson to baptize him. 

 Friday I sent my little package that should arrive in 3 weeks or so, be patient but get pumped! Also we had the baptismal interviews for our two investigators and well good news they both passed so needless to say we were excited about that.  At this point one still hadn’t decided who he wanted to baptize him.  Also this was kind of scary.  When we were walking home there was a girl that was just laying in the road with her bike crashed next to her and there was a huge crowd all over the place just kind of staring and then 10 or so people doing stuff around her but I may have switched into first responder mode and I was looking for breathing but she was breathing and moving her fingers so I figured she was fine, someone looked like they were talking to 911 (I don’t know what it is called in brazil or if it is still 911), and she was conscious and active so I figured I couldn’t help.

Sunday, the big day of the double baptism was finally here!  During church all I could think about was the baptism because good news, one of our investigators finally decided that he wanted me to baptize him so I was pretty pumped about that! I got the prayer memorized and essentially just let my mind go crazy with everything that could potentially happen during my first actual baptism but I boy was not even close.  We had all the opening talks and hymns and then it was game time!  It was a great experience.  My baptism pants were unbelievably tight, I was in pain after wearing them just for pictures and the baptism.  The actual baptism did take a little more time that I thought but still there is proof I’m gaining weight and well I REALLY need to find a way to let out those pants so any ideas and that would be great mom.

That just wraps it all up for the week though! today we went to São Judas to practice for the special choir for the fireside with Elder Cook on Saturday and turns out I really like singing and I’ve caught on pretty fast if I do say so myself so im pretty pumped for that! But anyways I love you all! Again eu amo todos de vocês e até a proxíma semana!

Seu filho, irmão, e melhor amigo ELDER GUBLER

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