Jacob P. Gubler

Jacob P. Gubler

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 7, 2012

Well good news I’m here!! :) I arrived safely in the field so don’t worry! This place is insane but I love it! A quick rundown of today:  we left the CTM at 7 and that was oddly really sad, it should have been just pure joy because to be honest I was beyond ready to get out of that place and finally get in the field but I really loved our district and so there may have been tears shed. I am gonna miss them all but good thing I know this work is true and this is exactly where we are all supposed to be! So first off we went to President and Sister Tanners house and they seem absolutely amazing. We talked a little bit about Grandma and Grandpa and they said to send their love so pass on this message because I don’t think I’ll have time to email Grandma and Grandpa.  I’m actually in a little internet shop now and we get kicked off exactly at 30 minutes so I don’t have much time... but ok so after we had all the first interview stuff we went to a chapel and had lunch which was amazing and turns out the food in the field is even better than the CTM :)  We had a little practice teaching thing and then met our new comps for the first time! His name is Elder Carston Pederson and he is from Pennsylvania. He seems like a way solid guy.  He has only been out for 3 months and has great Portuguese, is a trainer and a district leader so he must be doing something right ;)  I know I’ll learn a ton from him!  After we met our comps and took the last pictures, off to the field and whoa was that quite the ride.  Our ZONE is called Diadema and our AREA Inamar it is south of São Paulo city and to be completely honest is straight up the slums. Our apartment is essentially up some stairs in-between a meat store and another store so needless to say this is gonna be quite the humbling experience. The apartment is absolutely rancid so that’s a blast but to be completely honest I’m loving it! It’s gonna keep things interesting and make me realize how truly blessed that I and we are all are. I also love knowing that there is someone here that is especially for me. I’ve only been actually in the field for probably an hour and I realized that I don’t know half of what I thought I kind of knew and that this is gonna to be much harder than I made it out to be but hey I know this is where I am supposed to be and I know that this gospel is true so that can hold me over :) Also don’t worry about me. I may be in a slum but I know that I am protected and that God is watching out for me and for all of you. I feel it in my prayers every day. Like I said I have only been at my apartment for the past hour and a half or so that is essentially my run down for today.  I know it’s probably not as exciting as you would have liked but hey next week I will have plenty to ramble on about so don’t worry :)

A little run down of this week, you’ll never guess who showed up to the CTM... another Elder Gubler. It was INSANE and I definitely didn’t see that one coming... he is from Baton Rouge and I don’t remember where he is from because I may be a little flustered after today but he was quite the character I tell you haha.  I got plenty of pics too so when and if I can ill send you pics of some highlights but hopefully you got the pics I sent 2 weeks ago by now.  I sent them the "Brazilian" way so it was cheaper but I bet it takes longer too so keep me posted on when those show up and especially on Oliver's mission call. It will be fun to hear all about when he gets out in the field! Also another highlight is I bought a Brazilian flag and had everyone in my district and the other district I was over in the CTM sign it. I’m gonna have all the people I baptize sign it too so that should be way cool to come home with that! 

Give everyone my love and I really am proud of everyone I love you all.

Elder Gubler

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